Architectural BIM Modeling for a Decade Old Real Estate Architectural Firm

The Client - A Respected Real Estate Architectural Firm

Our client is a successful real estate architectural firm specializing in government-owned construction and maintenance projects. With over a decade of experience and hundreds of special projects across the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, it’s no surprise that they are leaders in their field.

The client required a third-party audit of their initial models, as well as detailing of the models to LOD 400. The timeframe for the project was very tight, which required all hands on deck from our side.

Requirements for the BIM Modeling Project

The client required a BIM model for MEP services for a metro station, as well clash detection to be done. IndiaCADworks was approached by the client with the architectural as well as MEP layouts were received in 2D, to be incorporated in BIM REVIT, with the goal of achieving LOD 400 in detailing of the drawings. The required output was a REVIT file with LOD 400 detailing.

A team of 10 engineers was assigned to the project, with an allotted time of two months per metro station. There were two stations and one tower in the project.

Challenges Faced By IndiaCADworks Team

The main challenge faced by the team was that there were a large number of revisions. Despite the heavy pressure we were under, these revisions were completed within the defined delivery timeline.

Detailed Process Followed by IndiaCADworks

Our team dove headfirst into this challenging project and with such a tight deadline; we were determined to provide the client with stellar results. A customized step-wise process was developed that helped to keep the team on track:

  1. Our team received the input PDFs through secure FTP.
  2. Based on the complexity of the files received and the expected number of 3D models per week, the team leader worked out the expected timeline and assigned tasks to each team member.
  3. Our modeling experts created the BIM Revit files with LOD 400 detailing
  4. The output was shared with the consortium, leaving room for comments and improvements.
  5. A thorough quality check was performed by the team leader.
  6. The final files sent to the client for approval.

IndiaCADworks Delivered the Project Well Within the Short Timeline

Thanks to quick turnaround time and immediate address of revisions, the client was extremely pleased without services. Despite a rocky start with a short timeline, we were able to tackle the project with our usual zeal. We fully expect to work on similar projects with the client in the future.

Note: References available on request

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