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CAD conversion to archive, optimise available designs from paper or support migration to higher versions of CAD software.

CAD Conversion Services at IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks (ICW) delivers high-quality CAD Conversion Services, helping you to convert paper, PDF and scan-based drawings into accurate and editable CAD drawings. We manually re-draft the engineering or architectural drawings in CAD by carefully referring to the original hard-copy or raster-based drawings.

ICW works on CAD conversion projects of all sizes. Being familiar with the global codes of practice, we provide CAD Conversion services across all geographies. Our experts have the hands-on experience and skills to understand and convert drawings related to Civil Engineering and Architecture, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Fabrication, and Ship Building.

We leverage diverse CAD software to optimize and deliver top-notch results for our CAD conversion services, adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards. Some of the software we utilize includes

We generate and deliver the CAD conversion output drawings in the format of .dwg, .dwfx, .dgn, .acis, .dwf and others. All the drawings at IndiaCADworks will have high-level of quality and accuracy in output.

CAD Conversion Services IndiaCADworks Offers

At IndiaCADworks, we provide a wide range of conversion services to you. The types of CAD conversion services can be divided into two main branches:

  • CAD Vectorization Services Through vectorization, we convert your raster based engineering drawings to accurate CAD or Vector formats. We manually re-draw the raster/scanned drawings in CAD. Under this service we can incorporate special needs, such as following your standards for layers, text styles, color coding, dimension styles, etc.
  • CAD Digitization Services With our Digitization and CAD Conversion services, we offer an accurate digitized version of scans scans construction plans, hard copies or microfilmed drawings.

Some of our other CAD conversion services are as follows:

  • Image to CAD The conversions from image (scanned) that you outsource to us will be accurate, containing perfect un-broken CAD entities. We redraft all your sketches in drawing format into accurate CAD drawings. All of these CAD conversions can include 2D to 3D conversions as well.
  • Paper to CAD We are here to convert your paper/ vellum / tracing / blue print base drawings to accurate CAD drawings. Each drawing will be firstly scanned and then converted to CAD by manual re-drafting.
  • MicroStation to AutoCAD In this process we can redraw drawings from MicroStation format to AutoCAD format (DWG to DGN / DGN to DWG) or vice versa.
  • PDF to AutoCAD Through PDF to AutoCAD conversion, it is involved a complete re-drafting of the PDF drawings. What will be delivered to you as a PDF to AutoCAD conversion will have accurate dimensions, containing perfect CAD elements such as lines, circles, arcs, text, etc.
  • Raster to Vector Automated raster to vector tools provide broken and imperfect CAD data, while re-drafting of the raster drawings in CAD gives you accurate and perfect cad drawing. At IndiaCADworks manual raster to vector services, the output will be free from the defects in automated raster to vector conversions.

At IndiaCADworks, we provide a seamless blend of editing and conversion commands. We can convert any type of architectural, engineering, other technical drawings, maps, archive drawings, schematic diagrams to the formats you need.

Outsourcing Process for CAD Conversion Services

At IndiaCADworks we have put in place a process that allows the accurate creation of CAD files in the shortest amount of time, at affordable rates. The main steps in the process are:

  • Consultation At this phase, you are invited to communicate to us the information about your project, the type of drawings and the deliverable format needed.
  • Quote Our experts will evaluate your needs and generate a quote within 24 hours.
  • Your Confirmation Once you decide to approve our quoted process, we immediately proceed with the project.
  • Feedback through regular reviews For each stage of the project we will keep you updated with the progress on tasks. Your approval at each stage is very important to us. Any design changes that might occur from your side will be taken care of.
  • Correction if needed Revisions on our work from your part are also welcomed. We will respond to them in the shortest time.
  • Delivery Together with the final payment, we can deliver you the formats of the drawings, as discussed and established in the first steps. All our conversion drawings are passed through several quality control procedures before being delivered.

Outsourcing Benefits of CAD Conversions to IndiaCADworks

At IndiaCADworks we offer you a team of professional CAD drafters. All our drawings are manually redrafted with precision, leaving no need for subsequent editing of your vector files. By outsourcing to us, you will have the following advantages:

  • Reduced expenses and enhanced performance
  • Increased productivity and control
  • Reliability and security of data
  • Accurate final output
  • Accurate layer information
  • Accurate text and linetypes that can be edited
  • Accurate dimensions that are adjustable
  • Associative hatch patterns
  • Symbols and blocks of standard components
  • Quality in drawings and timely delivery

Get Started with IndiaCADworks for Accurate CAD Conversion Services

Using our CAD conversion services, you do not need to invest in extra technical equipment, professional software, or a skilled workforce. With IndiaCADworks by your side, you increase your productivity and reduce your costs.

Request a quote on Conversion Services from IndiaCADworks today. Contact us, and we will happily help you with all the details needed to kickstart your project.

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