Case study

Dutch Oil & Gas Services Company Outsources CAD Conversion Project to IndiaCADworks

The Client - A Prominent Player in the Oil and Gas Industry

Established in 1972, our Denmark-based client provides high-efficiency drilling services to oil companies around the world, supporting global oil and gas production. With over 40 years of experience, they have established a unique service delivery concept, customizing safe and efficient drilling services, building around their highly skilled and committed workforce and their state-of-the-art offshore drilling rigs operating in the most challenging environments.

Requirements for Conversion of the Old Construction Drawings to New Standard

The client required to update their CAD drawings of building/industries, bringing them up to the new standard. 1 186 drawings were required to be converted as per the new standards in 20 days, and a team of two dedicated resources and one quality control was assigned by IndiaCADworks. With attention to detail and commitment to completing the task quickly and efficiently, were able to complete the project in record time.

Challenges Faced by IndiaCADworks

As this was an entirely new area of work, the team found it challenging to adjust to the parameters of the project. However, their ability to adapt enabled them to rise to the occasion and complete the project well within the deadline.

Process Followed by Our Drafters

We took the time to customize a detailed, stepwise process keep the team focused and to ensure that the project would be completed in record time:

  • Original legacy files were received through secure FTP, in AutoCAD and PDF format
  • Data in the tables was filtered, and tables were added where needed.
  • Color-coding was done, based on revision and unwanted layers were removed.
  • Certain changes were suggested, which the client then accepted
  • Revisions and details were updated in the client-provided template
  • The final PDFs were converted and merged

Smooth Completion of the Project with Client’s Appreciation

The client was highly satisfied with the finished project, which was completed well within the deadline. Our team of engineering experts was able to adapt to a completely new type of project without any unexpected hiccups, and as a result, we will be able to tackle similar tasks in the future.

Note: References available on request

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