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CAD conversion to archive, optisime available designs from paper or support migration to higher versions of CAD software.

Paper to CAD Conversion Service

IndiaCADworks (ICW) offers precise paper to CAD conversion services to companies globally. Our CAD conversion team ensures that every feature and design element of the original drawing is converted to CAD form accurately. To maintain accuracy, ICW uses a combination of state-of-the-art conversion software and hand-tracing.

ICW engineers have worked with architectural and construction companies, manufacturers, and commercial or public bodies to update drawings to CAD or BIM format. Once converted, ICW can adapt or reformat the drawings to suit client requirements. If you have paper drawings or blueprints that need digitization to save storage space, make archiving and retrieval easier, or to amend the drawings in any way, contact ICW to discuss your needs.

IndiaCADworks’ Paper to CAD Migration Services

ICW uses cutting-edge conversion software and applies manual hand-tracing tools to convert from raster to vector format. Resulting CAD files are fully editable, unlike conversions that rely on software alone. Our range of paper to CAD conversion services are as follows:

  • Legacy Paper to CAD Conversion Our team provides a fully detailed and accurate conversion of raster to vector format. Archived paper drawings on A0, A1, A2, E, D, and C can be rapidly converted to a fully editable and precise CAD file.
  • Scan to CAD Conversion Service ICW takes the scanned versions of your paper drawings and converts them into CAD format. This process requires manual supervision from an expert engineer, and our team ensures precision with every task of scan to CAD conversion.
  • Conversion and Reformatting Service Our team converts your paper drawings to .dwg or .dxf, and then use Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, or Bentley MicroStation to reformat your drawing and update it to modern CAD standards.
  • Conversion and Amendment Service ICW assists in converting the concept sketches or blueprints in the form of paper drawing to CAD, then make any design amendments or additions that you require. Information can be added to BIM models too.
  • Conversion, and Survey, and As-built Service After converting from paper to CAD, ICW engineers can take your recent survey or as-built data and add it to the drawing.
  • PDF to CAD Conversion After converting the drawings in PDF to CAD, ICW engineers can create as-built drawings in CAD or take your recent survey or as-built data and add it to the drawing.

Tools and Software Supported for Paper to CAD Conversion Services

Our engineers and drafters are trained to work with the newest technology on the market including cutting edge software tools such as:

  • Auto Cad
  • MicroStation
  • 3DS MAX
  • Maya®
  • CATIA®
  • SolidWorks®
  • Creo

Final CAD conversion can be outputted in any of the following formats:

  • .DWG
  • .DWFx
  • .3d DWF
  • .DGN®
  • .WRF®
  • .ACIS®
  • .DWF
  • .BMP®
  • .PDF®

Benefits of Availing Paper to CAD Conversion Services from ICW

IndiaCADworks is a specialist CAD outsourcing company. ICW offers unique advantages over other companies offering paper to CAD conversion services. Here are just a few reasons to choose ICW:

  • Access to all the latest software and tools ICW has all the latest conversion and CAD/BIM software, with fully trained engineers ready to produce flawless drawings. Rigorous checks are undertaken before submission to ensure all design elements are accurately reproduced.
  • Skilled engineers that can deliver more than just conversion The CAD conversion team are all trained CAD engineers with the ability to reformat and amend designs. Get everything you need from one company, no need to outsource to multiple agencies.
  • Fully editable drawings that meet current CAD standards By applying conversion software and hand-tracking techniques, ICW ensures accurate and fully editable drawings. Everything is dimensionally accurate, and all information and text are carefully transferred across.
  • Create easily archived and retrieved digital files If you have a large number of drawings, ICW can help by creating an easy-to-use index of drawings. Once converted and checked for accuracy, each file is assigned a unique reference and added to a register, which will be linked to the file for fast retrieval.
  • Cost-saving compared to in-house conversion ICW holds all the relevant software licenses and has skilled engineers to complete the work. This is much more cost-effective than training your in-house staff or hiring people to do the job.

Get Started with IndiaCADworks Paper to CAD Conversion Services Today!

Along with 3D modeling, 2D drafting, and specialized services like AutoCAD conversion, ICW has a long track record of delivering high-quality and accurate CAD conversions. Whether you need to archive many drawings or a reformatted digital version of a paper design, ICW is here to help with our paper to CAD conversion services. Contact an ICW representative now to book a free consultation and discuss your needs.

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