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CAD conversion to archive, optisime available designs from paper or support migration to higher versions of CAD software.

2D to 3D Conversion

2D to 3D Conversion Services is a powerful tool, and IndiaCADworks (ICW) will elevate your 2D drafting and 3D modeling projects with our specialized CAD conversion services across the globe, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. Whether you need help with a lack of time, experience, or access to appropriate software, our expert team of CAD designers and engineers incorporate the requested details and assist in the 3D conversion.

Our designers take your 2D designs, in any file format and level of detail, and convert to a usable and exportable 3D model. ICW has an experienced engineering team offering a vast range of software-enabled services to deliver 2D to 3D conversions that can help enable 3D printing, 3D model delivery, computer simulation, reliability tests, and more.

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2D to 3D Conversion Services from IndiaCADworks

We offer a full range of CAD conversion services adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards, includingAutoCAD® conversion, paper, and PDF to CAD conversion and much more. So, when you hire us to handle your 2D to 3D conversion needs, you will get expert service from a firm with many years of experience working on your projects. The services IndiaCADworks can provide in 2D to 3D conversion includes the following:

  • Product Design Converting your 2D designs into a 3D CAD design is the first step towards fully testing, vetting, and analyzing final product design. IndiaCADworks can work with you to make this type of conversion a reality
  • 3D Printing 2D printing can only tell part of the story, but utilizing the 2D to 3D conversion services from IndiaCADworks will deliver a 3D file that can be fed into a 3D printer and tell the real story of your design
  • Prototyping Beyond simply creating a 3D model, the 2D to 3D conversion services from IndiaCADworks is a necessary step towards rapid prototyping, which will inform the direction your design and production teams must go
  • Computer Modeling Once your 2D designs are converted to 3D models, with the right software format, our team helps you accomplish even more with the designs, simulating production, operation, and more of your designs.
  • Stress Testing With ICW converting your 2D files into the right 3D formats, you can also take your newly created 3D conversions and put them under a stress test, environmental stress, and operational stress. IndiaCADworks can perform these tasks for you.

Tools and Software Used for 2D to 3D Conversion Services

For all CADD projects, we use a range of high quality tools and software including:

  • Auto Cad
  • MicroStation
  • 3DS MAX
  • Maya®
  • CATIA®
  • SolidWorks®
  • Creo

We offer outputs into a number of different formats designed to match the needs of your project, including:

  • .DWG
  • .DWFx
  • .3d DWF
  • .DGN®
  • .WRF®
  • .ACIS®
  • .DWF
  • .DOC®
  • .BMP®
  • .PDF®

Whatever your needs, we have the technology and expertise to ensure your 2D to 3D conversion is done quickly and properly.

Why Outsource 2D to 3D Conversion Services to IndiaCADworks

Using the cutting-edge software and tools listed above, you can be sure that IndiaCADworks has only the best people working on your next conversion project. All projects will be handled expertly from start to finish matching your needs.

  • For every project undertaken, our team strives for 99.9% accuracy or higher, backed up by quality managers overseeing all exports.
  • Each project is overseen by AIA and International Standards.
  • Every CAD specialist hired has at least 2-5 years of experience and is continuously trained with the newest technology in the field.

Benefits of Availing IndiaCADworks’ 2D to 3D Conversion Services

  • Flexibility in input and output file types: Because the experts at IndiaCADworks are fluent in so many different software solutions, we can create whatever file type you need from most input types.
  • State of the art software and technical knowledge: The engineers on the team at IndiaCADworks always stay up to date on the latest versions of software, so you don’t have to do so.
  • Directly applicable manufacturing design: IndiaCADworks understands your 2D to 3D conversions are necessary for manufacturing processes, so we’ll deliver with those needs in mind.
  • Testing beyond just design: The experts at IndiaCADworks can go further than just creating 3D models, but we’ll also apply those for testing, simulation, and real-world applications.
  • Customizability in services: Because of the vast technical knowledge on our 2D to 3D conversion team, IndiaCADworks will adjust our packages to deliver the exact technical needs you require.

Get Started with IndiaCAdworks 2D to 3D Conversion Services Today!

The expert engineers and designers at IndiaCADworks are available today, providing industry-leading results, all at a price that can’t be beat. When you’re looking to convert your 2D designs to 3D models, regardless of the reason, we’re here to truly unlock the potential of your valued designs. Get in touch with IndiaCADworks today to learn about how we can deliver 2D to 3D conversion services with the best possible results for you.

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