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IndiaCADworks (ICW) has a team of highly trained and professional AutoCAD technicians and draftsmen that can create 2D or 3D rendered drawings for any size of the project. Whether you need design drawings made from initial concept sketches, as-built drawings, alterations, or completion of existing AutoCAD drawings, or the conversion of hand drawings into AutoCAD DWG files, our AutoCAD specialists can help.

ICW works with architectural, construction, and manufacturing companies from around the globe to take the lead on designs, lighten workloads, or provide ad-hoc services that aren’t covered in-house. Invested heavily in the latest technology and all staff is trained to use AutoCAD 2019 to its full potential, our in-house team boasts the knowledge of all the specialist toolsets. Leveraging the power of Autodesk AutoCAD, our team has worked on projects such as government buildings, commercial structures, infrastructure projects, and product designs extensively.

IndiaCADworks’ Range of AutoCAD Drafting Services

IndiaCADworks’ team of experienced AutoCAD technicians and engineers offer a wide range of CAD software-enabled services.

  • 2D Drafting Any technical drawings can be produced in AutoCAD DWG format. Drafts such as concept sketches, isometric construction drawings, product drafts, etc. can be produced to meet your exact requirements.
  • 3D Rendering and 3D Modelling Accurate 3D visualizations can be created from 2D hand or CAD drawings. Ideal for presentations, prototyping, or on-site guidance.
  • AutoCAD Conversion Ensuring the quality of CAD conversion, our expert AutoCAD technicians can reproduce drawings in paper or any other software formats into DWG drafts with 100% precision.
  • 3D to 2D AutoCAD Conversion 3D models or BIM drawings can be simplified to a set of 2D drawings. Ideal for fabrication or shop drawings, our team ensures that the drawings meet the specified construction standards.
  • Schematics and Floorplans Survey data, concept sketches or photographs with supplied dimensions can be converted to accurate schematics or floorplans.
  • MEP or P&ID Drawings Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) or Piping and Instrumentation (P&ID) drawings can be created using AutoCAD.
  • As-built Drawings Your final site survey data can be taken and converted into as-built drawings for final handover, which can be used as a reference drawing for renovation or reconstruction.

Our AutoCAD Services Process for Precise CAD Conversion to DWG and DXF Formats

IndiaCADworks has been delivering accurate 2D and 3D AutoCAD drafts for several years. In that time, the AutoCAD services team has developed a smooth process that is optimized for rapid delivery ahead of schedule, with strong communication links and guaranteed accuracy and quality. The general process includes:

  1. Initial consultation between client and AutoCAD team This is a crucial stage, as the project specification and final deliverables are agreed. A senior AutoCAD engineer will ensure that the project scope is fully understood, that realistic deadlines are set and adhered to and that special requirements are discussed and agreed upon prior to commencing the work.
  2. Sketches, drawings and survey data are obtained The AutoCAD technician in charge of producing the drawings will obtain all relevant information from the client. All documents and data are thoroughly checked, and anomalies rectified.
  3. Drawing commences The first drafts or 3D models are created by a skilled AutoCAD draftsman, with close attention paid to client requirements.
  4. Drawing checks A senior engineer checks over the first drafts to ensure accuracy and that the project requirements have been met.
  5. Drafts are submitted to the client Once the drafts are signed off as checked, they are submitted to the client for approval. If revisions are required, these are made a priority task and are returned corrected as swiftly as possible.
  6. Feedback and final sign off Feedback is taken from the client on the quality of the drafts or 3D models, and any final tweaks are made. The senior engineer signs off final checks, and the final submission is made to the client.

Why Outsource AutoCAD Requirements to IndiaCADworks?

  • Specialist AutoCAD technicians trained in all the latest toolsets - All our AutoCAD draftsmen and women are trained in the latest version of the software and can use specialist toolsets such as MEP, P&ID, Architectural, etc.
  • A team experiences with a variety of projects - Our AutoCAD services team have worked on every conceivable type of project, both large and small. This allows them to deliver precise, high-quality AutoCAD drafts in less time than other AutoCAD outsourcing companies.
  • Adding a professional touch to AutoCAD drafts - We pay close attention to detail and add the professional finishes that other outsourcing companies often miss. This includes checking survey data for anomalies, applying industry-specific best practices, and ensuring compliance with international standards.

Your One-stop Shop for AutoCAD services

IndiaCADworks cater for every possible AutoCAD service, so there’s no need to look elsewhere. The AutoCAD services team can deliver 2D drafts and 3D models, as well as converting from any format to AutoCAD DWG drawings. Every drawing is produced with precision and consistency. To take advantage of IndiaCADworks’ premier AutoCAD services, contact us today.

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