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Siemens NX’s powerful abilities to map out, design, and plan your mechanical parts well before any machining or prototyping has become more important than any other aspect of the project. Leveraging the features of Siemens NX software, IndiaCADworks (ICW) has not only enhanced many manufacturing clients’ efficiency but has been able to deliver complex assembly simulations and 3D models with precision. With its Siemens NX services, ICW offers to assist businesses in need of implementing new and effective solutions into their design process without hiring a skilled in-house workforce.

Our experienced professions are experts in Siemens NX and has delivered numerous complex design, prototyping, and simulation engineering projects. By entrusting your mechanical design project to IndiaCADworks and our Siemens NX professionals, you can guarantee the ability to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities of this advanced software program.

Siemens NX Services Offered by IndiaCADworks

As versatile and wide-ranging as the abilities of Siemens NX are, the professionals at IndiaCADworks can deliver similarly vast and impressive results using the software thanks to our deep bench and extensive training:

  • 3D Modeling and Design Siemens NX allows for the most advanced modeling to be completed using your designs, modeling that our experts can complete with greater speed and accuracy than any competitors based on your provided input.
  • Material Integration Beyond simply mapping out the exact dimensions in space your design would take up, ICW will work with you to create a CAD product that includes accurate and impactful materials analysis, including sheet metal design, electrical wiring, mechanical piping, and more.
  • Assembly Simulation Using the advanced CAM capabilities of Siemens NX, our mechanical engineers develop the anticipated assembly of your design and provide recommendations if these simulations create issues.
  • Stress Test of Designs After creating the designs in Siemens NX, our engineers will also test the designs against real-life stresses across different weights, movements, and resistances. The service includes accurate prediction on how your design would react once created and providing opportunity for revision.
  • Mapping out the Manufacturing Process Creating the design is sometimes the easy part, whereas manufacturing those parts presents many unique challenges. IndiaCADworks can deliver useful designs using Siemens NX, but we can also then work the CAM part of the software to make it clear how realistic and expensive your design will be in actual.

Siemens NX Service Process at IndiaCADworks

When you make the smart decision to outsource your Siemens NX design needs to the IndiaCADworks services, you’ll follow through our tried and trust Siemens NX process that’s assured to deliver you the optimal results, sure to provide complete satisfaction:

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Step 02
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Benefits of Outsourcing Siemens NX Requirements to IndiaCADworks

Keeping up with the latest software and being trained on the newest released updates is a time consuming and expensive process. Don’t waste your organization’s resources doing this yourself, and instead trust the IndiaCADworks design experts who make it their mission to be industry leaders with these software tools. When you do, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Expedited design process - Because of our in-house Siemens NX team, we can complete your design projects with faster turnaround time while adhering to the quality requirements.
  • Test out design failure mechanisms - All CAD tools will allow you to model what a product design looks like in three dimensions, but by choosing the Siemens NX capabilities of ICW, you can go a step further and add material properties and test the reliability and failure mechanisms of your design.
  • Price out your manufacturing needs - Connecting your final design to how much time and money will be required to actually manufacture no longer has to be a guessing game, as our experts are experienced in feeding your final design into analytical tools to determine what materials cost, manufacturing, and machining will ultimately cost.
  • Comprehensive dynamic modeling - Another advantage to the IndiaCADworks team working with Siemens NX is the ability they have to perform finite element analysis (FEM), kinematics, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in a comprehensive manner that allows you to truly vet and understand your design and decide the next steps before manufacturing.

Partner with IndiaCADworks for All Your Siemens NX Projects

Siemens NX is a massively impressive tool, but the proper use of it can be difficult and intimidating. You can overcome this challenge by contracting the IndiaCADworks’ Siemens NX team to accomplish your CAD, CAM, or CAE projects which ensures the best designs backing your project delivery. If you’re interested in finding out more about services and engagement models, get in touch with our mechanical engineering team today.

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