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IndiaCADworks (ICW) is a global provider of CAD and engineering services to assist design, architecture, construction, and manufacturing companies with Rhino architectural modeling services. Our dedicated 3D modeling team has the expertise in Rhinoceros 3D software to assist businesses dealing with architectural and industrial design projects. Leveraging numerous features in Rhino 3D, ICW provides expertly presented 3D models for design presentation, prototyping, analysis, and computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM).

With an emphasis on quality and precision, our 3D modeling team can take on small or large Rhino CAD projects in any industry, delivering results ahead of the schedule. If your workload is too heavy or you need an experienced Rhinoceros workforce, our team at ICW can help you by providing high-quality, yet affordable, Rhino CAD modeling services.

IndiaCADworks Rhino Architecture Modeling Services

ICW engineers offer a complete range of Rhinoceros services to fulfil any surplus workload or skill gaps you may have. The team are trained to use all the features of Rhino 6 and apply them correctly to any project brief.

  • 3D Drafting and Rendering IndiaCADworks provides initial drafts in 3D or concept models created from your sketches. The team can also take your point clouds or polygon meshes to create precise and visually appealing 3D rendered models.
  • 3D Prototyping and Analysis The 3D modeling CAD team are adept at analyzing 2D designs and creating 3D models from them, to be used for prototyping and analysis. They have all the necessary tools and plug-ins to analyze 3D models within the software and provide in-depth data reports.
  • 3D Design Modeling and Optimization ICW can turn your 2D designs or concepts into fully workable 3D designs. Any item for manufacture can be modeled, edited, and optimized in Rhino 6.
  • CAM Integration Rhino 3D models can be prepared for direct integration with CAM software and equipment to allow manufacturing procedures such as additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and CNC machining.

Our Rhinoceros Architecture Modeling Process

When you outsource your Fusion 360 needs to IndiaCADworks, our team of expert CAD engineers will quickly and efficiently deliver a design that meets your exact project needs. The process of our Fusion 360 services encompasses the following steps:

  1. Initial client consultation - The project requirements and scope of work are agreed between ICW and the client, via video or audio consultation, or exchange of emails.
  2. Relevant information sent to ICW - The client sends all relevant drafts, sketches, designs, and data to the ICW engineering team.
  3. Creation of 3D model or drafts - A highly trained engineer produces the initial 3D models and drafts.
  4. Checks, revision, and submission - senior engineer checks the first drafts and requests revisions if needed.
  5. Final drafts and models are prepared - The 3D models and drafts are made, ensuring a high-quality presentation of each detail.
  6. Analysis or CAM integration included - If requested, an analysis of the model is carried out, and CAM integration is put in place.
  7. Final checks and submission - A senior engineer checks the models once more, and the final deliverables are sent to the client.

Benefits of Outsourcing Rhino 3D Modeling Projects to ICW

Apart from the benefits of partnering with an experienced engineering team, you can receive the following:

  • Accurate 3D modeling, analysis and CAM integration under one roof - IndiaCADworks engineers are experienced in all aspects of Rhino 6 and can deliver all the analysis and integration you need to streamline your project. This removes the need to go to several outsourcing contractors to complete different parts of the project.
  • Save time and money by capturing existing 3D data and creating models in Rhino - The team at ICW can take point clouds and meshes of existing geometry and rapidly create workable 3D models. These models can be edited to suit a new design brief or to fit certain requirements. This saves time and money compared to starting from scratch.
  • Compatible with dozens of CAD, CAM, CAE, rendering and animation tools - Once your 3D model is created in Rhino 6, you can use it with other third-party tools, software, and equipment to streamline your operations. ICW can make your 3D model integrate directly with many common tools such as SolidWorks, Powermill and Inventor CAM.

Get All Your Rhinoceros 3D Modeling Needs Covered by ICW

ICW has a wide range of Rhinoceros services available to cover any project specification. The team is careful to follow industry best practices and international design standards. Whether you are looking to improve your workflow by integrating with digital fabrication equipment, or you have too much work on and need to outsource some tasks, IndiaCADworks are here to lighten your load. To discuss ICW’s Rhinoceros 3D modeling services, contact us.

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