Staad Pro Structural Analysis and Design Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) has a team of expert structural engineers and CAD technicians to create precise 3D models in Staad Pro for structural and architectural design companies worldwide. Structural engineering projects can be demanding on resources, and it isn’t always possible to get people with the right skills, either in-house or through local contractors. This is especially true for busy firms with many projects on the go at one time. With its Staad Pro services, ICW also offers to handle such ad hoc projects in case of project influx.

Leveraging the advantages of Staad Pro software, our engineers help clients in designing and analyzing beams, columns, walls, bridges, tunnels, etc. using 3D models and finite element analysis. With a team of engineers having first-hand experience in working extensively on Staad Pro, ICW provides the structural designs as per the project requirements and clients’ unique needs.

IndiaCADworks Staad Pro Services

Staad Pro is a versatile structural design and analysis tool that ICW uses to produce accurate results in a faster timeframe. Our Staad Pro structural analysis services include but limited to the following:

  • Structural Design Service Our Staad Pro team can produce designs for any concrete, steel (including cold-formed), timber and aluminum structure. The design model is created from your sketches or drafts. The precise 3D model can be exported to BIM software or used for analysis, making Staad Pro preferable to other software that doesn’t integrate easily with BIM.
  • Building Analysis We create 3D models from existing drafts and drawings in Staad Pro and analyze to your requirements. Analysis can include static analysis, geometric non-linear analysis, p-delta analysis, pushover analysis, or buckling analysis. We also provide dynamic analysis with provision of defined spectra or international standard compliant spectra.
  • Infrastructure Analysis We develop 3D models and analyze for a variety of private infrastructure projects, including bridges, tunnels, viaducts, stations, treatment plants, etc. We also provide customized concrete slab designs and also analyze the designs to suggest improvements.
  • Steel Reinforcement Design and Detailing Our steel reinforcement design capabilities related to Staad Pro are of an exceptionally high standard. All calculations are performed to international codes and are highly precise. Our Staad Pro engineering team can create steel reinforcement models and perform analysis, as well as provide final design and detailed drawings.
  • Finite Element Analysis and Modelling Staad Pro has a powerful finite element analysis feature that ICW uses for high-level structural analysis. Using this feature, our engineers help in suggesting fully optimized designs that are structurally strong while minimizing material use and costs.

Staad Pro Structural Analysis and Design Process

IndiaCADworks invest heavily in Staad Pro training and have optimized their workflow to deliver structural models and analysis accurately and on-time.

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Why Outsource Staad Pro Services to IndiaCADworks?

  • Wide range of specialist structural analysis options available - Our structural engineers is trained to use Staad Pro to its full analysis potential. This includes carrying out geometric, static and dynamic analysis. Particular attention is paid to the accuracy of analysis, ensuring that design parameters are correct.
  • Full structural project support available to save you time - The structural engineering team can take concept sketches and design a working 3D model, complete with analysis. This removes much of the time-consuming aspects of structural design, so you can focus on planning and delivering the project.
  • Professionally presented designs and analysis reports - All 3D models are designed to comply with international and local standards, in terms of both design tolerances and presentation. The structural engineering team can compile analysis data and present it in an easily interpreted report.

Hire Professionals for All Your Staad Pro Needs

With a team of engineers that are highly experienced in using Grasshopper and Rhinoceros 3D, IndiaCADworks produces accurate parametric and generative designs that are fully optimized and would be impossible to reproduce using traditional CAD methods. Contact us today for a free consultation and our team would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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