Grasshopper and Rhinoceros 3D Integration and Design Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) offers a wide array of Grasshopper algorithmic modeling services integrating Rhinoceros which includes architectural and interior design, 3D modeling and integration services. Our team is trained in the latest design techniques, such as parametric and generative design, which use algorithms to automatically optimize designs within set parameters. Our generative design produces several optimized choices of designs which can be tweaked and adjusted until a perfect solution is found. Specialized in Rhinoceros and Grasshopper integration, ICW assists a variety of businesses, including real estate agents, architects, and construction companies that require high-quality parametric designs, but lack the expensive technology or skillset to produce them in -house.

Our engineers develop highly accurate Grasshopper visual scripting for Rhinoceros 3D with fast turnaround time, so you can rest assured that your project will remain on, or ahead of the schedule.

IndiaCADworks Grasshopper and Rhino 3D Design Services

IndiaCADworks holds the licensed version of Rhino 3D and Grasshopper to offer a range of services to the architectural, construction, interior design, and manufacturing industries.

  • Parametric Design Service ICW’s parametric designs can be used for complex architectural or civil engineering structures such as buildings, pavilions, arenas, bridges and dome structures. The optimized designs will cut down on material and construction costs.
    There are two main types of parametric design offered by IndiaCADworks:
  1. Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) Our CSG service involves the design of basic architectural 3D geometry, which is then added to the parametric design software, and the desired design parameters are set. We use the algorithm to produce optimized surfaces which can be built by combining smaller, simpler algorithmically optimized surfaces.
  2. Boundary Representation (BR) Our BR service is the process of joining vertices and edges to create spatial boundaries. We use finite element analysis software to form solid surfaces or meshes over the shapes. Our engineers help set the parameters for volume, surface area, density, etc. in the software to optimize certain geometric features.
  • Generative Design for Manufacturing Grasshopper is the visual plugin for Rhino 3D software. IndiaCADworks’ designers use Grasshopper visual scripting for Rhinoceros 3D for generative designs for complex architectural designs. Our team is highly trained and experienced in manipulating the software to provide fast and accurate results.
  • Specialist Paneling Design Service The design team at ICW can apply the power of Grasshopper and Rhino to create strong, aesthetically pleasing, and effective panels for buildings, pavilions, and dome structures. Panel structures can include triangular or quad meshes, flat hexagons or hybrid patterns.

Grasshopper Integration with Rhinoceros Design Process

  1. Initial consultation with client The specialist design team at IndiaCADworks will meet with you to decide the project scope, specifications, requirements, and final deliverables.
  2. Survey data and relevant information are gathered Arrangements are made for all required data to be sent to the design team and this is imported and checked.
  3. Basic geometry created in Rhino 3D Once the survey data is imported, the designer begins to create the basic structural geometry, adhering to the design specification.
  4. Parameters set in Grasshopper When the basic geometry outline is finished, the design parameters are inputted into the Grasshopper plugin to ensure the best possible results.
  5. The algorithmic process begins (parametric modeling or generative design) Depending on the design requirements, the specific algorithmic process begins. Within hours the software produces a selection of optimized designs.
  6. Possible designs are verified, selected, and checked The resulting designs are verified against the specification, with the best ones chosen and checked for accuracy by a senior member of the team.
  7. Final checks, revision, and submission Final checks are performed, and revisions produced if necessary. The final design or designs are then submitted to the client for approval.

Technical Benefits of IndiaCADworks Parametric Modelling and Generative Design Service

Among the operational benefits of hiring a team of highly experienced engineers, streamlined process, and quality deliverables, the following technical benefits can be an added advantage when you partner with ICW:

  • Faster Modeling - Using Grasshopper visual scripting for Rhinoceros 3D for design work speeds up the modeling time compared to standard methods. Using AutoCAD or Revit to design a 3D model for a large structure, including outline geometry and all internal surfaces could take days or weeks. Using Grasshopper’s parametric and generative design capabilities cuts this down to hours.
  • Choice of Processes and Final Designs - ICW offers a flexible surface that covers any requirements. For example, if you already have the geometric outline designed, our team can use Grasshopper to add the internal surfaces. If you need a standard repeating panel design for a pavilion, for instance, IndiaCADworks can deliver this quickly and efficiently.
  • Integration with Advanced CAM Services - We can integrate the 3D designs with CAM software. For example, panel designs can be manipulated to provide code for additive manufacturing software to automatically fabricate each panel.
  • Provision of Simple or Complex Forms and Designs - The design team at IndiaCADworks have worked with every conceivable type of design, which means they can deliver simple parametric models for small structures or large, complex designs for bridges or aesthetically unusual tower blocks.

Outsource Parametric Modeling Requirements to the Grasshopper and Rhino 3D Experts

IndiaCADworks offer fast and accurate results. With a team of engineers that are highly experienced in using Grasshopper and Rhinoceros 3D, they can produce freeform parametric and generative designs that are fully optimized and would be impossible to reproduce using traditional CAD methods. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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