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Construction Solid Geometry Modeling Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) uses parametric design techniques to convert basic CSG models into functional, optimized designs as part of its construction solid geometry modeling services. The team of design engineers at ICW provides comprehensive CSG design and drafting services to businesses worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe, in industries such as architecture, construction, and engineering.

Using algorithmic extrusion to create a 3D model, ICW optimizes the model with a generative design toolset to the desired parameters. ICW uses software such as AutoCAD and MicroStation to extrude the basic geometry. Then, our engineers use the parametric design software to generate a series of potential designs.

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Geometric Modeling Service from IndiaCADworks

ICW offers advanced design techniques to speed up the completion of complex parametric modeling projects and improve accuracy compared to traditional methods. Some of our key construction solid geometry modeling services in this bracket are as follows:

  • Construction Solid Geometry ModelingICW’s engineers create 2D outlines of the structures you want from basic geometry. Our team then extrude the surfaces and render them to create a 3D model that can be used as a design visualization or for simulation analysis.
  • Construction Solid Geometry Parametric Design ICW applies advanced parametric design techniques to create optimized designs from basic geometry. Our engineers set the design parameters and then adjust the variables iteratively and the computer automatically finds optimized solutions.
  • Customized Algorithms for Parametric Design If you have special requirements such as meshed surface or geodesic frameworks, for example, ICW engineers can code bespoke algorithms to get optimal results. The algorithm controls the iterative or generative design process, and therefore influences the resulting designs.

Benefits of ICW for Construction Solid Geometry Modeling Services

CSG involves basic 3D shapes to represent a crude structural outline. Apart from supporting with precise BREP modeling, ICW offers several end benefits when you outsource construction solid geometry modeling services requirements to us:

  • Specialist engineers with both coding and design skills - ICW employs engineers that are both experienced in design and can also code algorithms to enhance the parametric design process. This means that ICW can offer customized algorithms and computational modeling to suit the client’s needs.
  • Wide range of CSG modeling services using advanced software and cloud computing - ICW uses sophisticated software such as Autodesk Fusion 360 and Rhinoceros to model complex structures using CSG extrusion and generative design techniques. Our parametric design software connects to the cloud to take advantage of more powerful and quick calculations.
  • Support for a variety of industries and disciplines - ICW has worked on CSG modeling projects with architects, construction companies, structural design, and engineering companies, Landscape architects, town planners and transport planners, etc.
  • Benefit from both practical and attractive designs - The CSG-driven parametric design allows for the creation of structures with interesting and unusual appearances, that are optimized for features such as structural integrity or material conservation.

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With fast turnaround times and rigorous quality checks, you can rest assured that you’ll get reliable results with IndiaCADworks’ parametric modeling services. All you need to do is send us your 2D designs or concept sketches, and we will create the basic construction geometry before extruding it into a 3D model and carrying out analyses or a generative design process. Also, based on your construction solid geometry modeling services requirements, our engineers can help you visualize your custom or ad-hoc requirements in the 3D model. Contact us to discuss your requirements, our engagement model, and pricing.

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