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Because of the diverse needs associated with computer-aided drafting, 3D modeling, animation, and rendering services, we provide a range of different price points, all designed to be as competitive as possible for your needs. Our pricing is based on hourly rates, though we do have full-time equivalent options available upon request based on your needs. Pricing is as follows:

Architectural Services/Sub-services

CAD Conversion

CAD conversion services are priced, starting at $12 per hour, depending on the volume of work you need, the type of conversion you require, and the depth of the project as a whole. For example, a single-line floor plan starts at $50.

Red-line Markups, Keynote Tagging

Addressing the red-line markups and keynote tagging works starts at $12/hour. Tentatively, one sheet of red-line markup takes close to 3 hours.

Millwork/Cabinet Drawings

The pricing for millwork or cabinet drawing tasks starts at $15/hour. For example, a single drawer table assembly work starts at $200.

Shop Drawings

Shop drawing for architectural projects starts at $18/hour. For example, a regular restaurant cabinet work estimation starts at $150, and the reception desk starts at $200.

Retail Space Planning

At IndiaCADworks, the retail space planning project cost starts at $16/hour. For example, a takeoff task per store takes around 2 hours, and tagging takes around 7 hours.

Structural Drafting and Load Calculation (RCC and Steel)

The cost of structural drafting and load calculation starts at $18/hour. For example, a one-story building, including the foundation and all the structural members, will cost around $500.

Landscape Drafting

ICW’s cost for landscape drafting starts at $16/hour. For example, the drafting of an entire plot of 100 square meters entire coverage costs around $160.

3D modeling and Rendering

The price for 3D modeling and rendering starts at $18/hour. When modeling a one-story building in greyscale costs around $180, rendering with textures, colors, and finishes will be around $120 per view.

Walkthrough Animation

The cost of the walkthrough animation starts at $28/sec. Architectural animation of a one-story building, including the modeling and walkthrough animation for 60 seconds, costs around $1700.

Furniture Modeling

The price of furniture modeling starts at $15/hour. For example, one three-seater sofa, including modeling, texturing, and rendering with a white background, will cost around $130.

Revit Services (Up to LOD 400)

Our price for Revit services starts at $18/hour.

Civil Services/Sub-services

Though the actual project cost depends on the complexity, project hours, and a number of resources involved, IndiaCADworks’ basic civil engineering services cost is as follows:

  • Land Development – starts at $16/hour
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – starts at $12/hour
  • Takeoff and Estimation – starts at $16/hour
  • Construction Documentation – starts at $18/hour

Structural Services/Sub-services

ICW’s structural engineering service cost starts at the following:

  • Structural Drafting – starts at $16/hour
  • Detailing – starts at $18/hour
  • Load Calculation – starts at $18/hour
  • Peer Review – starts at $18/hour
  • CAD Conversion – starts at $14/hour

Mechanical Services/Sub-services

Starting from mechanical 3D modeling, conversion, and product animation to technical documentation services, a vast range of ICW’s mechanical services start at the following:

  • Conversion and Migration – starts at $12/hour
  • 3D Modeling – starts at $14/hour
  • Product Design and Development – starts at $19/hour
  • FEA / CFD - $20/hour
  • Drafting (Fabrication/Shop Drawing/Manufacturing Drawing) – starts at $14/hour
  • Product Modeling and Rendering – starts at $18/hour
  • Product Animation – starts at $28/sec
  • Technical Documentation – starts at $18/hour
  • MEP Services – starts at $14/hour

Electrical Services/Sub-services

The pricing of electrical engineering services from ICW starts at the following:

  • Schematic Preparation and Drafting – starts at $14/hour
  • 3D Modeling – starts at $16/hour
  • Takeoff and Estimation – starts at $14/hour

BIM Services/Sub-services

BIM services being one of the specialized and high-end services from ICW, the price range vary and are as follows:

  • Conversion into BIM Model – starts at $18/hour
  • Revit Family Creation – starts at $16/hour
  • Revit Parametric Modeling – starts at $18/hour
  • BIM 4D (Scheduling) – starts at $18/hour
  • BIM 5D Cost Estimation – starts at $18/hour
  • Clash Detection and Coordinated Services (BIM Management Services) – starts at $18/hour
  • BIM Shop Drawing Extraction – starts at $16/hour
  • Point Cloud to BIM Modeling – starts at $18/hour

Full-Time Equivalent

For FTE services, contact us for custom pricing. You will receive a dedicated manager for all of your project needs when you choose an FTE option, but the pricing will vary based on your needs.

Contact IndiaCADworks today to learn more about all of our services, pricing, or to receive a custom quote based on your project needs.

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