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Because of the diverse needs associated with computer-aided drafting, 3D modeling, animation and rendering services, we provide a range of different price points, all designed to be as competitive as possible for your needs. Our pricing is based on hourly rates, though we do have full time equivalent options available upon request based on your needs. Pricing is as follows:

CAD Conversion

CAD conversion services pricing starting at $7 per hour, depending on the volume of work you need the type of conversion you require and the depth of the project as a whole.

2D Drafting

Our 2D drafting services pricing starting at $12 per hour for Architectural, Civil, & Structural, starting at $6 for Mechanical. This is based on a minimum number of hours and scales depending on the total volume you need and the technology required.

3D Modeling

For all architectural 3D modeling pricing starts at $13 per hour and mechanical 3D modeling projects pricing starts at $8 per hour. The final rate will vary depending on complexity. For example, 3D modeling done with 2D sketches will be relatively simple and the lower rate may apply. For hand drawn sketches, the complexity is higher and the price will vary accordingly.


Rendering services are priced the same as the 3D modeling services. The rate starts at $15 per hour, but scales depending on the complexity of the project, the source materials and final requirements.


Animation services are priced based on the final production. Our base rate is $30 per second of animation of more than 2 minutes. If the project is shorter than 2 minutes, the total price will be $45 per second. For animation in full HD, the price may be as high as $90 per second.


For Sketchup services, our prices start at $14 per hour and scale according to volume and complexity of the project.

Full Time Equivalent

For FTE services, contact us for custom pricing. You will receive a dedicated manager for all of your project needs when you choose a FTE option, but the pricing will vary based on your needs.

Contact IndiaCADworks today to learn more about all of our services, pricing, or to receive custom quote based on your project needs.

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