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Boundary Representation Modeling Service

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides professional CAD and parametric 3D modeling services, including Boundary Representation (BREP) modeling. ICW leverages the BREP 3D modeling method that uses the boundary limits of shapes and connects the surface elements together to form a solid model.

Assisting mechanical engineers, product developers, manufacturers, as well as façade engineers across the globe, our team of parametric modelers provide precise models and suggestions. ICW makes use of advanced software such as SolidWorks, Rhino integrated with Grasshopper, and AutoCAD to provide the best possible design results and all the models created to comply with the international standard: ISO 10303-42 geometric and topological representation.

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BREP Modeling Services Offered by IndiaCADworks

ICW provides a complete range of BREP modeling services and generative design to cover all design and modeling requirements, from basic mechanical parts to intricate assemblies.

  • B-rep Modeling ICW applies CAD programs such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD to create BREP 3D models. These can be extruded from existing 2D designs or are made from scratch to meet a design specification.
  • B-rep Modeling Using Generative Design ICW engineers apply generative or parametric design techniques using software such as Fusion 360 or Rhino. Optimal design results are obtained within a set parameter to meet the design specification.
  • Grasshopper BREP Model Creation and Analysis The ICW team is trained to use Rhino software, with Grasshopper to carry out parametric designs that produce optimal 3D models. The software will simulate and analyze parts and assemblies also.
  • Mesh BREP Modeling Based on the client’s requirements, ICW models objects with mesh surfaces, using SolidWorks software to create geometric mesh facets and generatively apply them to defined surfaces.

Why Outsource Your BREP CAD Modeling Needs to ICW?

BREP models are made up of two main parts: topology and geometry. ICWs uses modern generative design techniques to iteratively join points and vertices until optimal design options are found.

  • Access to all the latest CAD, BREP modeling and parametric design software - IndiaCADworks invests heavily in technology, to ensure they continue to offer a first-class design service. This includes Autodesk products, SolidWorks, Bentley CAD products, Rhino, Grasshopper, etc.
  • Integration with CAM methods - ICW can help you to set up the resulting models and designs to work with advanced CAM software so that 3D designs can be rapidly 3D printed, or CNC machined.
  • Rigorous checking procedures with experienced staff - All ICW engineers are trained to use the software to its fullest potential and to apply the correct tools for the best results. All designs are thoroughly checked and cross-referenced with standards to ensure quality.
  • Attractive 3D visualization of your design from the outset - ICW can take your 2D designs or sketches and turn them into impressive 3D models, ready for showcasing, or fabrication.

Hire IndiaCADworks to Deliver Boundary Representation Modeling

With a vast range of services, such as parametric modeling, BIM, MEP, and 3D modeling, ICW has an unparalleled track record for delivering quality work. The reliable and flexible CAD engineering team can create bespoke designs that are ideal for your purposes. To book a free consultation on boundary representation modeling or any other 3D CAD modeling services, contact us now.

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