SAFE Structural Engineering Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) has a specialized SAFE structural engineering services team that delivers CAD design and drafting services worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. The team uses SAFE structural engineering software to create framing layouts, detailed designs, and analyses of concrete slabs and foundations for the architectural and construction industries.

With SAFE software-enabled services, ICW’s structural engineers create and analyze detailed foundation and floor models of any shape, including circular and spline-curved edges. The versatile software can include post-tensioning, nonlinear uplift from the soil, pattern surface loads, and finite element analysis, plus much more. If you need detailed structural design and analysis, but don’t have the tools or skilled staff in-house, contact ICW today to find out more about our SAFE software services.

SAFE Structural Engineering Services from IndiaCADworks

The structural engineering team at IndiaCADworks can offer a comprehensive range of SAFE structural engineering Services adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards. to meet all your structural modeling, design, and analysis needs.

  • Floor and Foundation SAFE Software Design Service Our engineers can model structures and frames using SAFE’s drawing tools or by importing your CAD/BIM designs or spreadsheet data. They will then design the foundations or slab to meet international design codes, building standards, and client requirements.
  • Comprehensive Structural Analysis Service SAFE software can perform any type of analysis required and producing a large array of structural reports. ICW engineers can perform nonlinear crack analysis for slabs, reinforcement analysis, and finite element analysis and customize the reports to meet your demands or to accompany design drawings.
  • CAD and BIM Integration Service Frameworks and structural plans can be imported from CAD or BIM software, directly into SAFE. Likewise, designs and analysis created in SAFE can be exported to CAD or BIM, which means you can work on them right away.
  • Structural Engineering Assistance Service If you need structural design support with a specific feature or tool that is available in SAFE, the team at ICW can help. They can provide ad-hoc or ongoing structural engineering support as you need it during a project or group of projects.

Process of IndiaCADworks SAFE Structural Engineering Services

IndiaCADworks has worked hard to create a smooth workflow for SAFE software services, which ensures accurate results, delivered on time.

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SAFE Structural Engineering Services

Apart from Navisworks, SAP2000, and Tekla enabled services, you will be benefitted from the following SAFE services at ICW:

  • Get Specialist Structural Engineering Support for Floor and Foundation Design ICW structural engineers are experienced at designing the foundation for small or large-scale buildings. They can perform any type of structural analysis and provide customized reports.
  • Cost-effective Way to Get Quality Structural Engineering Services Obtaining a license for SAFE software costs tens of thousands of dollars. Outsourcing your needs directly to ICW save you a lot of money and time in training people in-house.
  • Deep Understanding and Expertise in Structural Engineering The structural design team at ICW are all qualified structural engineers and understand which analyses to perform and how to carry them out accurately using SAFE software.
  • Robust Checking Process for Precise Results A senior engineer is assigned to check all designs and analysis reports, making sure that everything from importing data to standard compliance and presentation is all flawless.

Outsource SAFE Structural Engineering Services Requirements Today!

Specialist structural engineering services can be costly and time-consuming. Most companies don’t have the in-house skills to use SAFE software to its full capabilities. Outsourcing SAFE structural engineering services requirements to IndiaCADworks will save you significant time and money and ensure you get the best possible results. Outsource all your slab and foundation structural engineering requirements to ICW. Contact us for a free consultation.


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