Electrical Power System Analysis & Operation Software Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides ETAP engineering services to companies worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe as an engineering service provider. With a wide range of software licenses and skilled staff, ICW offers services to cover most requirements, including electrical power system analysis and operation management services using ETAP software.

The specialist engineering team at ICW has the necessary skills and training to provide analysis, simulation, control, monitoring, automation, and optimization of electrical power systems. Our team integrates ETAP with CAD, BIM, or other MEP software to deliver accurate models and electrical drawings as part of our software-enabled services. With the ETAP engineering services, ICW caters to various industries such as - energy generation, electricity transmission and distribution, industrial, transportation, and low-voltage residential energy supply. Whether you need to analyze a small internal power system or an extensive energy network, ICW can provide the required ETAP design services.

ETAP Modeling Services Offered by IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks' electrical engineering team possesses extensive experience in all features of ETAP engineering services, adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards. Our team can conduct a comprehensive range of simulations and analyses the software offers. While there are numerous individual features and analyses, here are some of the most common ones we provide:

  • Geospatial Electrical Diagrams IndiaCADworks can provide GIS diagrams for a variety of purposes including energy transmission, distribution and applications. Multilayered diagrams are produced from GIS and ETAP data.
  • Power System Planning, Analysis, and Optimization Using ETAP Grid, the ICW engineering team can model the system and perform a variety of network analyses, including arc flash, distribution short circuit and harmonics. Other simulations and analysis can be carried out for system elements such as transmission lines, cable systems, data exchange and core modules. Energy management systems can be created to control the network, including substation automation.
  • Distribution Network Modeling & Distribution Network Applications ICW provides the same distribution simulations and analysis same scope as those for transmission systems (as above) using ETAP Grid. For distribution management, our team offers SCADA & monitoring and outage management.
  • Industrial Power Distribution Modeling & Applications IndiaCADworks provides a full range of services for industrial electrical power systems, including full network analysis, DC control systems, dynamics analysis and power transformer optimization.
  • Nuclear, Renewable or Fossil Fuel Power Generation Using ETAP PS, ICW can deliver simulations and analysis of the entire network, or specific sections and components. Management systems can also be programed using ETAP Real-Time, for instance microgrid and substation management, and load shedding systems.
  • Low Voltage System (Residential or commercial) ICW provides integrated electrical designs for low voltage installations, which include a full range of analyses. ETAP Real-Time can be used to create automated management of commercial systems.
  • Rail Traction Power System ICW engineers use ETAP eTraX to produce modeling, design, analysis and management of train power systems.
  • Airport and Aerospace ICW can design and analyze complex electrical systems for aircraft and airports using ETAP. ETAP Real-Time can be used to provide comprehensive management of these systems.
  • Marine, Offshore and Shipbuilding IndiaCADworks’ engineering team has experience using ETAP for designing and simulating marine vessels, FPSO, offshore platforms, and shipbuilding.

IndiaCADworks ETAP Service Process

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Why Choose IndiaCADworks for ETAP Engineering Services?

IndiaCADworks has engineered an optimized workflow to precisely and efficiently fulfill all your ETAP engineering service requirements. The benefits of outsourcing ETAP engineering services to ICW include:

  • A comprehensive set of electrical power analyses, whatever your sector ETAP is highly complex software with a wide range of applications. Training in-house staff would take months or years to reach the level of experience and expertise ICW can provide instantly.
  • No need to buy a software license - Let ICW do all the work and pick up the licensing bill. You can benefit from all the clear advantages of using ETAP software to simulate, analyze and manage your systems.
  • Covering every industry that uses electrical power systems - ICW engineers have worked on projects from every sector of the economy, including electricity generation, transmission and distribution systems, transportation, low-voltage applications, plus many, many more. This means you’ll be in a safe pair of hands when you choose to outsource to ICW.

Contact IndiaCADworks Today for Any ETAP Engineering Services

If you want the best electrical power system software to provide simulation and analysis for your system, let us be your partner and help you with our ETAP software-enabled services. Contact IndiaCADworks' representatives now to arrange a free consultation for ETAP engineering services.


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