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Canadian Architect Creates Cost-Effective Construction Drawings with AutoCAD for New Home Plans to Meet Various County Permit Standards

The Client: Registered Architect in Canada

The client is a much sought-after independent, registered architect operating in the city of Toronto, Ontario. The client provides architectural support services for new house plans. The client was looking for a vendor with proven experience in Canadian construction drawing projects, including the creation of different types of construction drawings using the latest drafting CAD software.

The Need: Cost-Effective Construction Drawings

  • The client already had an outsourcing partner for preparing construction drawings, but later found that it was not sustainable to continue that partnership due to higher costs
  • IndiaCADworks was approached as part of the client’s search process for a new vendor, who has an experiential understanding of construction drawings in the Canadian context
  • The client wanted quality drawings at a competitive rate and quick turnaround time

The Challenges

Minor challenges were faced during the project, which were:

  • Understanding the construction codes of certain Canadian counties
  • This was overcome with clarifications provided by the client

The Solution

The salient features of IndiaCADworks’ solution included:

  • 3 engineering technicians were allotted to this project, headed by a senior technician to monitor on the quality as well as on the compliance with local codes
  • A brief training was provided to the team of on the client’s requirements and the codes
  • AutoCAD software was used to prepare the construction drawings
  • Delivery milestones were created to deliver the project within the agreed duration

The Results

  • Not less than 99% quality was achieved in all the construction drawings produced
  • The project was delivered within the agreed duration of 2 weeks
  • The deadline issued by the client was met, and the cost was appealing to the client
  • The client’s total satisfaction with our team’s performance resulted in the signing up of a continuous contract with IndiaCADworks as the client’s offshore delivery center

Note: References available on request

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