How IndiaCADworks Complies With International Building Regulations

IndiaCADworks is a world-class engineering support company which provides state-of-the-art CAD services to clients from many nations. Engineering services which IndiaCADworks provides include 2D and 3D CAD modeling, design, rendering and animation. IndiaCADworks is committed to complying with International Building Codes and Regulations (referred to as International Standards hereon). The reason why IndiaCADworks is able to comply with International Standards is that IndiaCADworks has experienced engineers for several geographic locations that include North America, Europe, and Australia.

Does IndiaCADworks conform to North American standards?

IndiaCADworks is compliant with North American building standards, especially with building codes and regulations for the United States and Canada. Important design specifications in these codes are listed below.

  • Consider all applied loads, self-weights and dead loads; apply limit state design and reliability; and understand failure modes.
  • Design for geotechnical and climatic conditions.
  • Design for earthquake resistance, wind resistance, loadings due to snow and ice.
  • Design for natural and man-made disasters such as tornados, tsunamis, fire, and acts of terrorism.
  • Comply with material standards which involve the use of steel, concrete, timber, masonry, aluminum, and composites.

Within the scope of these standards, there are many other standards and provisions for safety, health, general welfare, means of egress, fire prevention and/or control, and energy conservation. Some of these rules and provisions address

  • Occupancy rules and limitations, swimming pool regulations, plumbing, foundations, floor assemblies, drainage, roof structures, wall assemblies, stairways and halls, lighting, and egress rules for entering and exiting buildings and structures.
  • Parking and traffic management.
  • Fire code rules to minimize the risk of fire and to provide for safe and rapid evacuation in the event of fire.
  • Special requirements on buildings and structures in regions which are prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis.
  • Structural installation methodologies.
  • Qualifications of individuals or companies who install structures.
  • Anti-collision markers to prevent collisions with aircraft.

Does IndiaCADworks conform to European standards?

IndiaCADworks is compliant with European Standards (Eurocodes). Because important design specifications in the Eurocodes are similar to those listed in the North American codes and regulations, they will not be listed again.

Within both North American and Eurocodes, stricter standards are specified for regions which must withstand earthquakes, tornados and other natural disasters. We can include German and standards within the Euro standards because there are no significant differences between these standards.

IndiaCADworks has experience in delivering projects that are complaint with Eurocodes.

Does IndiaCADworks conform to Australian standards?

IndiaCADworks is compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The BCA has technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures. Its goals are

  • To provide efficiently for nationally consistent, minimum necessary standards of relevant safety (including structural safety and safety from fire), health, amenity and sustainability.
  • To provide for fire resistance, access and egress, services and equipment, energy efficiency, as well as certain aspects of health and amenity.
  • To provide annual reviews and amendments to the BCA to include various technical and regulatory changes. Recent changes to the BCA include:
    • In 2003, the BCA made changes which require Class 1 domestic residential buildings to incorporate insulation for energy efficiency,
    • In 2010, the BCA made changes which imposed stricter standards on buildings in flood prone areas,
    • In 2014, the BCA made changes which require Class 1 buildings to incorporate slip resistance for stairway treads, landings and ramps.

IndiaCADworks has experience in delivering projects that are complaint with the Building Code of Australia.


IndiaCADworks is compliant with International Building codes and regulations for these reasons:

  • Because IndiaCADworks provides CAD services to clients worldwide, IndiaCADworks stays current in knowing about changes in international building codes and regulations.
  • IndiaCADworks has over 10 years of experience in CAD design work which is compliant with the Eurocodes.
  • IndiaCADworks keeps up to date with changes which are made to international building codes and regulations.
  • IndiaCADworks is able to comply with most international building codes and regulations, because IndiaCADworks has experienced and certified engineers for most geographic locations in the world.

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