Case Study

ICW Developed Architecturally Accurate Virtual Home Staging Images for an American Real Estate Media Developer

Client Profile – Real Estate Media Developer

Based out of Boston, the client is a leading Visual Media Producer to the New England real estate industry and has been in operation since 2002. The client has produced over 20,000 successful projects, including professional architectural photography, real estate photography, walkthrough videos, interactive floor plans, aerial photography, and a variety of 360-degree imagery.

Requirements for Virtual Home Staging

The client wanted to elevate home decor staging with a variety of furniture selections to entice potential buyers with visualizations of an inviting home featuring different decorative styles.

The client required well-lighted images of unique furniture that would be arranged to coincide with existing furniture within different home images.

After a lengthy research process, the client discovered IndiaCADworks (ICW) online and contacted the sales team for further evaluation. After a detailed consultation, the client decided to partner with ICW due to the following qualifications:

  • ICW’s expertise in the field and reputation for offering competitive, flexible pricing models and rapid results.
  • Ability to execute the project within the expected deadline, making allowances for any potential adjustments over the course of the services should the client require it.
  • Ability to successfully manage a project of this volume, and provide additional quality assurance reviews for guaranteed accuracy.

Challenges Faced by ICW’s Team

ICW came across few challenges while working on this high volume, intensive modeling project:

  • The client had a very short deadline of a mere 24 hours for each set of images, which was quite pressing on overall timing schedules for the ICW team.
  • There were occasional setbacks due to the angle of the original photographs. It was difficult to locate the specified type of furniture images that needed to be fitted and arranged within the final home image.
  • The client required several meetings during the services to add further input and slight additions to the original requirements, which added to the pressure of timing.

Outline of Our Virtual Staging Process

ICW carefully planned a customized approach to this image based assignment to ensure organization and management could be carried out most effectively:

  • ICW arranged a meeting with the client and key team members from ICW to ensure transparency throughout the project and ensure all parties were aware of the exact project requirements.
  • ICW devoted six dedicated resources with an advanced level of experience working on similar projects to handle this important assignment from start to completion.
  • The client delivered the initial input in the form of images of the various houses with the existing furniture featured in different rooms.
  • The ICW team members cleaned up the images by removing the furniture and all other elements from the home space to prepare a clean, minimal canvas.
  • The images were then adjusted with the correct, appealing light levels.
  • Per the client’s new furniture specifications, ICW located and selected new furniture images from a database library and began fitting them into the final home image.
  • If new images could not be found, the house was then modeled using 3ds Max, and the new furniture images were placed within the setting with Photoshop.
  • The ICW team adjusted lighting levels and created attractive color adjustments to highlight the furniture and home setting.
  • The final images were sent to the client for approval and feedback, and following approval, the project was considered closed.

Software Used During the Project

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • 3ds Max

End Benefits for the Client

ICW managed this unique real estate project efficiently and successfully, and was able to deliver the following results:

  • The client was extremely satisfied with the consistent quality, cost-effectiveness, and dedication demonstrated by the entire ICW team.
  • Due to the successful completion of all deliverables, and ICW’s quick adaption to the minor additions, the client, offered ICW further project contracts.
  • ICW established a long-term business relationship with a valued client and is proud to be the client’s first choice for all future projects.

Note: References available on request

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