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Public Health Engineering (PHE) System Design Service

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides public health engineering services that involve design, analysis, and development of detailed as well as accurate models of commercial/industrial/residential structures. ICW’s PHE systems design is a critical requirement across countless industries, including schools, stores, municipal buildings, medical facilities, residential homes, industrial facilities, and more. Having a skilled team of engineers, ICW makes the technical ability and computing power needed to turn imagination into PHE designs accessible to architects, contractors, and builders.

Whether you need a fresh new PHE design, want to revive and improve existing building plans, or any other step in the process, our PHE civil engineering team can help. Each project is unique, and we’d love to share how we can help you down the right path, so get in touch with us today!

PHE Civil Engineering Services Offered by IndiaCADworks

With a plethora of services, ICW helps identify the services that can be suitable for your specific project:

  • Plumbing Design

    When planning out your building within the PHE space, ensuring plumbing is considered and factored in early on is essential to a seamless design process, so IndiaCADworks will integrate proper plumbing design.

  • Electrical Work

    Similarly, electrical work through the walls and ceiling of a PHE design is critical towards proper functioning, so our team of PHE experts will help you build such considerations.

  • Sewage Treatment Plant Designs

    Outside of typical buildings, PHE can be critical for sewage treatment plant (STP) designs to ensure collection, disposal, and all processes are without flaw, an area in which the IndiaCADworks experts are well trained

  • Fire and Safety Analysis

    ICW can help you ensure the health and safety of all those in your proposed building by guiding and implementing a fire and safety analysis and adding in whatever design elements are needed to prevent an unsafe environment.

Benefits of Outsourcing PHE Systems Design Requirements

Our deliverables involve multi-level QC, and we assure you of a numerous benefit working with our dedicated and highly experienced team of engineers:

  • Expertise in Countless Software: There is much leading software that is used in the world of public health engineering and plumbing system design, so based on your needs, our team can deliver using the optimal tools for you.
  • Availability of Various File Formats: Our team can take your starting designs in any file format and deliver the final product in whatever file format works best for your needs, so there’s no need for you to convert.
  • Adherence to International Standards: Throughout our PHE design process, ICW ensures to comply with the IFMA (International Facility Managers Association) and BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association).
  • Compliance to Construction or Plumbing Codes: Having worked on several construction projects around the world, our team follows your requirements specific to the global plumbing codes such as – IGBC, UPC, US GBC, NBC, and more.

Outsource PHE Civil Engineering Services to ICW

Public Health Engineering Design is a critical part of any structural and building design process, and too often, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. With over a decade in providing services like land development design, plumbing design, drainage design, and more, our team is ready to deploy the expertise in helping you get the most out of your designs. Apart from ensuring the turnaround time and quality of service, ICW also ensures the best in the industry pricing when you outsource public health engineering services to us. Reach out to us to discuss your needs soon after we will share you a customized quote!