Highway and Road Layout Design Service

IndiaCADworks (ICW) delivers highway and road layout design services to civil engineering companies, town planners, and infrastructure engineers globally, encompassing regions such as the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. In addition to CAD and 3D modeling, ICW also offers simulation and analysis of simple or complex highway layouts. Training people to provide this work in-house is expensive, and even with dedicated engineers, sometimes the workload may be too high. This is where our customized engagement model and experienced land and infrastructure development team can help.

Our civil engineering team uses the latest road and highway engineering software, including Autodesk AutoCAD, MicroStation, and more. By making use of the various tools and features of these licensed, powerful software packages, ICW provides precise, detailed designs, analysis reports, and BIM models as per the clients’ requirements. To learn more about our services and to get started, contact us today.

Road Layout Design and Highway Engineering Services by IndiaCADworks

ICW provides a comprehensive range of road and highway engineering services in adherence to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards. Some of our key services include:

  • Feasibility Analysis

    The highway engineers at ICW gather all the information needed and put together a professional feasibility study. The feasibility analysis includes earthwork planning and urban and country planning checks.

  • Conceptual and Detailed Urban Road Design

    ICW produces outline concepts or detailed designs for urban road renewal or new layouts. All international and local design standards and local building regulations are checked, and compliance ensured.

  • Highway & Junction or Intersection Design

    Our team delivers both small or large-scale highway and intersection designs. The highway design engineers use cutting-edge tools to ensure that all the complex features are considered and included.

  • Road Layout Design Drawings

    ICW’s road layout design specialists plan and provide accurate 2D road construction drawings that contain the highest level of detail required for the project. Our drawings include the details around general arrangements, site clearance, fencing, drainage, earthworks, carriage and footway details, traffic signs and road markings, curbs and edging, landscaping details, street lighting, etc.

  • Customized Detailed Designs

    Fully detailed designs can be created using AutoCAD, AutoTrack (for vehicle swept path checking), KeySIGNAL (for new traffic signal designs), KeyLINES (for new road markings), and TERRA-FIRMA and PDS ground modeling for earthworks.

  • Route Planning

    ICW also provides route planning layouts and designs, based on existing survey and geographical data. All standards and local authority guidance are followed to ensure that the proposed routes are approved.

IndiaCADworks Highway and Road Development Process

IndiaCADworks ensures swift and accurate delivery of work by following optimized workflows. A typical road and highway design project involves the following steps:

A typical land development design process includes the following steps:

  1. Client Consultation A highway engineer from ICW arranges a short consultation with the client to understand the project scope and agree on deliverables, cost, and timeframe.
  2. Survey and Geographical Data Exchange The client sends through any relevant survey and geographical data to the ICW engineering team. This is checked for anomalies and imported into the design software.
  3. Initial Design, Plan, or Study Produced Using the latest and most appropriate software, an engineer creates the design, plan, or study, as required. All relevant design standards are used to ensure compliance.
  4. Design and Engineering Check A senior engineer checks the work, cross-referencing with standards and local guidelines.
  5. Revision Stage Any errors in the road layout design or drawings are rectified and then rechecked by the senior engineer before being signed off.
  6. Final Submission The final design, plan, or study is checked once more to ensure that the project criteria have been met, and it is then submitted to the client.

Why Choose IndiaCADworks for Road and Highway Design Services?

  • Experienced in delivering all types of road layout design requirements - All road layout drawing project requirements can be met by ICW, including intersections, traffic signaling, road markings, etc. without the need to enlist other specialists.
  • Strict adherence to design standards, with compliance, ensured - Our engineering team refers to international and local standards and guidance throughout the project, which means you receive designs that are 100% compliant and pass local authority approval.
  • Optimized workflows and processes ensure a swift delivery - ICW follows processes that have been optimized over the years to ensure that all work is delivered within schedule.
  • Precision is paramount - ICW realizes that the highway projects are very time-sensitive, and small errors at the design stage can have large consequences on the overall project; therefore, rigorous checks are undertaken at every stage.

Expert Highway and Road Design Layout Services from ICW

If you need reliable and highly specialist road design layout and highway development services, then look no further than IndiaCADworks. One of the specialized services under land development services, our engineering team has delivered hundreds of successful road layout design projects over the years and understands the unique demands of these infrastructure development projects.

To find out more about IndiaCADworks’ highway engineering services and for a free consultation, contact us.