Parametric Modeling of Grand Australian Stadium for Early Design Exploration

The Client – Australian Engineering Design Specialist

Located in Brisbane, Australia, the client is an engineering design provider and project management practitioner that uses the most cutting-edge technologies and materials through manufacturing centers in Indonesia, U.S.A, U.K., and Holland. Relying on over 13 years of manufacturing experience and an international team of engineers, designers, project managers, and CNC manufacturing specialists, the client continues to redefine the possibilities of fiber-reinforced material manufacturing. The client’s focus on delivering intent-driven solutions for the most challenging structures has helped them become a global manufacturing leader.

Parametric and Computational Modeling Requirements

The client was undertaking development for a stadium and needed modeling completed for the roof structure, which required conversion of 2D Dwg files to 3D Rhino files for further calibrations, material and clash detection, and coordination. They needed the expertise of a top tier data analytics, and business research outsourcing company with a proven mastery of technology and industry-focused experienced to aid them in this endeavor.

The client learned of IndiaCADworks (ICW) through one of their suppliers, and after contacting our sales team, decided to work with us due to the following:

  • Ability to provide a large team of experienced engineers to ensure absolute accuracy across all service points.
  • ICW’s coveted position and exemplary reputation as the only parametric and computational modeling provider in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Ability to provide technically precise and mathematically driven manufacturing and installation drawings using the licensed software.

Challenges Faced by ICW’s Architectural Team

ICW came across some demanding challenges while working on this complex project in the engineering and manufacturing space:

  • The original input delivered by the client was problematic and required additional renditions before ICW’s team could move forward.
  • ICW’s team had to work very closely with the client’s international team, which was difficult due to the various time zone differences.

Process Outline for This Parametric Design Project

ICW approached this parametric and computational modeling project on a personalized step by step basis to exceed the client’s expectations from input to delivery:

  1. The client requested a trial project to assess ICW’s skill level and upon successful completion, moved forward with the contract.
  2. ICW assembled a 12-member team to work on this project for 3 to 4 months.
  3. The ICW team began by receiving the client input of the stadium roof structure parameters and designing the roof panels relying on structural analysis.
  4. The team then began the production and manufacturing of installation drawings that would include ventilation systems, layout, comprised plans, supports and fixings, and maintenance access space.
  5. Upon approval from the client, ICW moved forward with defining and creating connection drawings for the parametric designs to ensure the complex elements were accurate and structurally sound.
  6. Material and clash analysis were performed and overseen by a quality control lead and then sent to approval for the client.

Additional Value Add from Our Engineering Team

  • To add further value to this project, ICW performed extensive simulations of the roof structure to include atmospheric factors and material integrity to further verify our results.

Software Used During the Course of this Parametric Modeling Project

  • Rhinoceros
  • Grasshopper

Satisfied Client and In-time Deliveries to Complete the Parametric Design Project on a Great Note

ICW was able to conclude this ongoing parametric and computational modeling contract to the satisfaction of the client with the following key takeaways:

  • The client’s team was able to successfully move ahead with the development of the stadium roof structure using the output provided by ICW’s team.
  • The client offered praise to ICW’s team and expressed how pleased they were that our reputation for excellence as the only parametric and computational modeling service provider in the Asia Pacific sector was well deserved.
  • ICW accepted two more outsourcing contracts to work on material analysis and computational modeling for a new civil service building being developed by the client.

Note: References available on request

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