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Preliminary Drawings Service

IndiaCADworks (ICW) pride themselves on offering comprehensive preliminary drawings services for construction companies and developers across the globe. The architectural drawing professionals at ICW are adept at visualizing your exact design objectives and requirements and thus provide conceptual projections of your plan.

ICW aids clients in envisioning the initial plans so that their architects have an easier time making the vision a reality. The team at ICW has invested heavily in the most up-to-date and advanced CAD software to support clients with quality drafting and drawing services at a competitive price.

Architectural Drawing Service by IndiaCADworks

Preliminary drawings and drafts are arguably the most important part of the design process as they determine the direction of the entire project and are often used to help secure investment. Therefore, it’s important to get the drawings right first time and on time.

IndiaCADworks understand the importance of delivering high-quality drafts and drawings within the agreed timeframe, so due care and attention are balanced with expediency.

The preliminary architectural design services offered by IndiaCADworks are as follows:

  • Preliminary 2D Drafts/ Drawings – ICW’s engineers provide conceptual sketches, site layouts, feasibility sketches, initial building plans and elevations in the form of preliminary drafts or drawings.
  • Professional CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) Service – IndiaCADworks provides the preliminary drafts and outline designs as well as basic isometric 3D models.
  • Commercial and Domestic Property Design Drafting – ICW also develops the initial blueprints with utmost architectural detail for houses, warehouses, shopping outlets, and restaurants, etc.

Preliminary Architectural Design Process

IndiaCADworks’ engineers use Autodesk AutoCAD to prepare the preliminary sketches and drawings, using their specialist knowledge of both the software and the construction industry to create initial designs that won’t need too much editing to finalize.

The general preliminary drawing process is as follows:

  1. Liaise with client to determine design objectives - A meeting or online conference between the client and IndiaCADworks’ engineer will take place to establish the requirements and concept ideas.
  2. Compile survey data and other relevant information - The architectural design professionals will gather together all of the survey data and site layout details, building regulations, standards, etc. and import the data into CAD software, rectifying errors as they are found.
  3. Create preliminary drafts and sketches - Drawing on years of experience, the CAD engineers create preliminary drafts, proposing various architectural options to suit the design brief.
  4. Check measurements for accuracy - A second design engineer will check the drafts for accuracy, compliance and will tidy up the drawings if necessary. IndiaCADworks endeavour to always submit work of the highest quality.
  5. Prepare preliminary drawing package and present to client for approval - Finishing touches are added to the sketches and drawings which are then sent to the client in advance of the final deadline.
  6. Client feedback is received, and amendments made - If the client requests alterations, IndiaCADworks will deliver them as quickly as possible.

Why Use IndiaCADworks for Preliminary Drawings and Drafts

There are numerous benefits to be gained by outsourcing the production of your preliminary drawings to IndiaCADworks, including:

  • Assess design feasibility and highlight any potential difficulties or problems - ICW’s design engineers are highly experienced at creating viable initial designs from challenging concepts, but they will also raise any feasibility concerns early, giving you plenty of time to adapt the design brief or change site location.
  • Get professional, clean and accurate drafts to showcase architectural design concepts to investors - If investment still needs to be secured, or existing investors are keen to see progress, preliminary drafts are a great way to demonstrate the potential of your project.
  • Ensure early design compliance with building regulations and legislation - IndiaCADworks employ stringent design standards, ensuring complete compliance with any international, national or local building regulations, right from the preliminary design stage.
  • Flexible design approach allows for changes and amendments - The CAD designers are highly proficient with Autodesk software and can make alterations swiftly and easily to satisfy feedback from the client.
  • Accuracy Assurance Precision dimension and measurement checks - IndiaCADworks assures the precision dimension and measurement checks with every project.

Expert Preliminary Design and Architectural Drawing Service

IndiaCADworks focuses on providing what the customer wants, realizing that a good and accurate preliminary design is crucial to the overall success of the project. Outsourcing the work saves you time and money, as IndiaCADworks’ engineers quickly turn around all the required drawings, as well as editing them swiftly to suit project demands.

To take advantage of IndiaCADworks’ architectural design expertise, contact us to get an instant customized quotation.

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