Custom Panels Designed for Californian Product Automation Specialists

The Client – Californian Product Automation Specialists

The client is a start-up company based in California in the United States. Their mission is to provide products to the market that enhance human sensitivity and spirit. Their main focus is on the home building industry, and they are vibrant, energetic, and ready to face all challenges to successfully deliver innovative yet useful products to their customers.

Requirements for the Panel Design and Documentation Project

After providing floor plans, elevations, and roof details, the client required our team to create General Arrangement (GA) drawings of panels that are 1220 X 2440 sized. We had to arrange the panels in plan and elevation, according to the position of corners, doors, and windows. Furthermore, we had to provide structural calculations for roof framing and panel thickness, as well as roof detailing and panel numbering. We were further required to provide elevation and sectional details of SIP and the relevant foundation details.

Challenges Tackled by ICW’s Team

The primary challenges faced by IndiaCADworks (ICW) engineering team was centered around the geography of the client. It took our team between 7-10 days to understand the client’s construction methodologies and material requirements. Furthermore, it was difficult to understand regional site conditions while working remotely. However, effective communication and our over the years’ experience in providing structural fabrication drawing services gave us the clarity to deliver this project in our full capacity as required by the client.

Adopting a Step-Wise Process for this Fabrication Drawing Project

We assigned a team of three-panel design specialists to complete 150 hours of work per month. The duration of each project is between 40-50 hours, and the project is ongoing.

To achieve success in this project, and to deliver according to the client’s specifications, we adopted the following step-by-step process:

  • Firstly, we conducted a meeting with the client to understand the soil conditions, climate, and all relevant information regarding the region.
  • We then requested the client to provide sample drawings, presentation standards, and a description of the project requirements to ensure certainty.
  • Once the specifications were determined, we created and delivered a draft copy of the GA drawing of the panel to the client.
  • Upon the client’s approval, we submitted the structural calculations for the roof framing, roof detailing, panel thickness, panel numbering, elevation, sectional details of the SIP, and foundational details for further inspection and, ultimately, final approval.

Key Benefits That We Received

The client was satisfied with the outcome of the project and gained the benefit of a 60% saving on resource costs. As part of our software-enabled services, we used AutoCAD and ETABS for the design and development of the GA drawings.

We were benefitted from additional training and learning of new methodology and materials, as well as securing a new client for on-going projects. Furthermore, the increased knowledge and capacity brought by this project offered the opportunity to attract other clients within the same or similar industries.

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