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Sketchup Modelling Project Focused on Architectural Design Detailing for Popular Creative Design House

The Client - A Passionate Interior and Landscape Designer

The client is a creative and detail-oriented interior and landscape designer based in Norway. With an interior design qualification and fourteen years of experience in the design industry, this client is passionate about aesthetics, colors, and thinking outside the box when it comes to creating personal, functional bespoke solutions for private homes, vacation homes, and public spaces like offices and salons.

The client also designs outdoor spaces and functional, seamless indoor/outdoor solutions that allow for creativity on many levels. The client also takes on projects as an interior stylist for TV commercials, magazines, films, and photo shoots.

Requirements for the SketchUp Modeling Project

The requirement from the client was to create the SketchUp model of building structures. The client had basic architectural drawings, and they approached IndiaCADworks (ICW) to visualize the plans and develop SketchUp models. The client was more interested in the creative aspect of the models with detailing so that they can save significant time while working to create the actual life-size model for presentation.

Challenges Faced by IndiaCADworks Team

The main challenge throughout this project was finding team members with a background in architecture and experience working with Sketchup software. The team needed to be capable of envisioning the architectural and design elements of the project to limit the number of iterations of modeling required.

Our Process to Create SketchUp Models with Adequate Design Element Details

Our step-by-step process for this Sketchup modeling project was as follows:

  1. After discussing the project with the client, it was decided that the project would be broken up into smaller tasks. Ten smaller tasks needed to be completed and delivered to the client each month. A team of two members would work on this project.
  2. We requested that the client provide the following:
    1. Basic architectural drawings of the building for the team to use as a reference when creating the Sketchup model.
    2. Clear and detailed instructions regarding elevations.
  3. Once the client had provided the required information and basic architectural drawings for reference, our team assisted them in setting up a BIM 360 process for collaborative design so that they could watch the Sketchup model come together in real time.
  4. The team created the Sketchup model, adding in the necessary details as requested by the client and delivered the final models.

Modern Building Structure Designs with Details

Because the client knew their main focus was the creative and core design and styling aspects of their project, the made the right decision in outsourcing the more technical aspect of the Sketchup modeling to a team of experienced professionals. Outsourcing this part of the project gave the client more time to focus on the aspects where their talent could really shine through.

Note: References available on request

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Detailed attention to our enquiry was a result of awarding our project to IndiaCADworks. We outsourced many processes such as conceptual drawings, shop drawings...

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