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Interior Design Firm Outsourced with ICW and Received Accurate 3D Modeling and SketchUp Drawings of Their Concept Designs

About our Texas-based Client

The client is an Interior Design Firm based in Texas, U.S.A., specializing in renovation and interior design of new, modern constructions. Wanting to better visualize the interior designs for a construction site, the client needed 3D modeling of their concept designs.

Requirements Received from the Client

The client wanted the entirety of their original interior design concepts in 3D model, which included the floor plans and room heights of the construction site. Additionally, the client required the SketchUp drawings of the final interior designs for enhanced visualization. This complex project necessitated a partnership with a professional outsourcing agency that had engineering expertize and advanced skills in design conception.

After an initial consultation with the IndiaCADworks (ICW) sales team, the client decided to contract ICW’s services due to the following:

  • Availability of experienced, skilled engineers with prior exposure to the Interior Design industry.
  • Ability to meet all project milestones and adhere to a very strict deadline.
  • Ability to meet expected quality benchmarks on all project deliverables.

Challenges that We Faced

The ICW engineering team faced some key challenges over the duration of this interior design project:

  • Initial communication between the client and ICW presented certain difficulties as both parties discussed specific requirements, and expected inputs and outputs.
  • The client’s input was provided to ICW in the form of hand-written design suggestions, which was both times consuming and difficult to decipher. 
  • The short deadline posed some challenges as the assignment was complex and demanded a correspondingly intricate attention to accuracy and detail. 

Our Approach to this Project

ICW developed a customized process to successfully manage all project challenges and execute a rapid, accurate completion of all deliverables:

  • After concluding the final discussion with the client regarding project requirements, ICW assigned two dedicated resources to work exclusively on this assignment.
  • The client sent over the input, which included the construction site floor plans and room heights.
  • The ICW team created skeleton drawings in PDF form to support the client in their efforts to develop their design concepts and suggestions regarding the drawings.
  • Once the client’s design concepts were conceptualized, ICW began the task of incorporating the designs.
  • After the technical components of the assignment were completed, ICW created sketch-up drawings for improved visualizations and accommodated the client’s requests for modifications.
  • The final 3D model was completed, including all the necessary technical elements and client design concepts were delivered to the client on time.

Exceptional Steps by ICW to Ensure a Successful Outcome

ICW wanted to ensure that the client’s requirements could be met, so the team took the following exceptional steps:

  • The creation of specific design libraries is both laborious and time-consuming. Therefore, the ICW team determined that the best course of action was to develop the design libraries based on the client’s suggestions.

Software Used over the Course of the Services

  • Solidworks
  • Trimble SketchUp

The Results

This unique interior design project was completed efficiently and successfully due to rigorous quality control practices, attention to detail and technical components, and the experience of the ICW team. Accordingly, the following results occurred:

  • The client received all deliverables on time and within budget and was impressed with the professionalism and skill the ICW team demonstrated throughout all aspects of the assignment.
  • Being extremely pleased with the favorable outcome, the client contracted ICW to work on another ongoing project.
  • ICW completed another unique project and was able to add this complex case to our roster of success stories.

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