Architectural Concept Plans Brought to Life Through 3D Modeling

The Client - A Multi-Faceted Engineering and Architecture Firm

The client is a multi-faceted civil engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, and materials testing firm based in Wisconsin. They offer affordable and industry-leading services to the public and private sectors, encompassing Athletic Facilities, K-12 Education, Higher Education, Healthcare, Retail – Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Municipal, and Transportation.

The success of their business is largely a result of customer satisfaction achieved through superior, affordable service, extra attention to detail throughout each operation, and extensive experience in the industry.

Requirements – 3D Models of the Concept Plans

The Client approached IndiaCADworks (ICW) with a conceptual plan presented in drawings that involved constructing sports or athletic grounds. They needed these ideas to be fashioned into 3D models, complete with high-resolution rendering and an architectural walkthrough animation video to be presented before the stakeholders.

Challenges Faced by ICW’s 3D Visualization Team

In taking this on, the main challenges we faced were due to the pricing restrictions concerned with this project. We had multiple concepts to work, with each concept needing to be processed and designed, at the minimal cost.

Also, it was difficult to work with color schemes, in some instances the client was not sure what colors they wanted to use in the final product, and the difficulty in matching the exact color the client wanted.

However, by working with the client and compromising on some of the details,we were better able to move forward with the project.

Our Detailed Process for 3D Modeling and Visualization

We took on this project working hand in hand with the client and utilizing our 3D Modeling experience. The Steps Followed:

  1. We received the concept files from the client
  2. Starting with the basic details, we modeled the designs in black and white and then sent them to the client for review.
  3. Once the client was happy with the details we had created, we moved on to the advanced parts of the project and created low-resolution colored versions with actual material details.
  4. Once the client approved the colored versions, we rendered in higher resolution and sent the final files to the client for approval.

Exceptional 3D Visualizations and Renderings Fulfilling the Client’s Requirements

By the end of this project, we were able to produce ten renderings for each concept. Even though our work was of high quality, we managed to quote the best price that the client would have ever received.

By using our experience on 3ds Max, a history with a wide spectrum of projects, including furniture modeling, building exterior/interior, modeling and rendering, landscape rendering; the client was delighted with the project deliverable, it was precisely what they were looking for, and in turn have requested for a running contract.

Note: References available on request

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