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Becoming a certified professional has a setting ring to it, regardless of whatever profession you choose to practice and been a CAD Designer is no different. CAD users who have one or more certifications have the edge of been able to prove their expertise without the need of taking on spot test when searching for a job in a brick and mortar establishment and having a

27 May 2013

In the Aerospace, Automotive, Machine Industry and Maritime Equipment Design niches, the name CATIA is synonymous to quality and durability due to its wide spread use by engineers and CAD designers operating in the aforementioned business niches. Dassault Systemes’ —the developers of SolidWorks—also takes the credit for designing the advanced CAD software platf

15 May 2013

Industrial design—for those who do not know—is the use of a combination of applied science and applied art to mainly improve the aesthetics and usability of a product for public use. While an industrial designer is a professional who creates or provide solution about the functionality and build of a product’s prototype. He or she accomplishes this with

28 March 2013

A comparison between Dassault Systemes’ Solid Works and Autodesk’s Inventor can be likened to a comparison between the PS3 Gaming Console and the Xbox360 due to the fact that both CAD Software are quite similar in terms of drafting features and are made to be utilized in designing similar projects, as well as to be used by professionals working fr

24 December 2012