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90% of people turn right when they enter a store, not an arbitrary action, but rather the result of deliberate store layout planning intended to create a memorable customer experience. Experts have devoted intensive research to understanding the ideal st

18 May 2020

While the concept of city planning is not a new one, the strategies that we’re using in modern society to create the cities of tomorrow are evolving along with technology. Decisions that are made when designing a city will have enormous implications for decades to come. Still, with the aid of 3D modeling capabilities, virtual technologies, a

27 March 2020

3D printing was an exciting technology that burst onto the scene not too long ago, at first only housed in large universities and factories that could afford these immense and quite expensive machines that would take hours upon hours to print out a simple model that was created on a computer. Flash forward to now, and it is commercially availa

19 March 2020

The advent of computers and modeling software unequivocally changed the construction, architecture, and design industries like never before. Where previously architects would use hand tools to draw, and mockup building, the new age of computerization meant that Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems were the new normal. Talented engineers

13 March 2020