How to Choose a CAD Conversion Partner

How to Choose a CAD Conversion Partner

Published by - Admin On August 18, 2014

CAD conversion is essential in many different industries, and the need continues to grow. From product development to home construction to property development and everything in between, transforming two-dimensional sketches, images and drawings into CAD format is essential. You have two choices here – you can hire a fulltime CAD designer to work for your company, or you can outsource your needs to a CAD conversion partner. Outsourcing is the most affordable solution, as well as the fastest way to your goal. However, you need to know how to choose the right partner. Not all CAD conversion providers are cut from the same cloth. Choose your provider based on the information below.


As with anything else, you need to ensure that your CAD conversion partner has the ability to meet your needs. That can be difficult to determine, particularly if you have little experience with CAD. The best option is to look at previous projects the provider has worked on for clients. This will give you an excellent idea of the quality you can expect in your own finished design.


In addition to quality, you need to know that your CAD conversion partner can deliver quickly. You cannot afford to wait for weeks or months to have your conversion. You’re on a schedule, and you need a partner that understands this, and provides a quick turnaround on all projects. Make sure the partner you choose guarantees a fast turnaround.


Outsourced CAD conversion is far more affordable than hiring a professional to work within your business fulltime. However, that doesn’t mean that all conversion partners are cheap. On top of that, you have to balance costs with quality. Ideally, you’ll find a provider that’s capable of offering you outstanding service, quick turnaround and reasonable rates. Beware of rates that seem too low – bottom-dollar providers generally provide bottom-dollar results. However, there’s no need to pay exorbitant prices if you can get the same quality CAD conversion for less. Shop around, compare rates and verify quality.

Ability to Innovate

Generally, you want a CAD conversion partner that will convert your 2D documents exactly as they are. However, working with a partner that has the ability to innovate and think beyond the a to b to c process chain can yield significant advantages. For instance, such a provider might be able to offer suggestions, make corrections or provide alternatives that streamline your design and create a better end product. Working with a partner that’s able to innovate will not only offer a higher quality end result, but will boost your own company’s reputation with your client.


As a final note, make sure you dig into the company’s reputation and find out what previous clients thought of their service. Would they repeat the experience? Would they recommend the CAD conversion partner to a colleague? Was the project completed on time, on budget, and with the required degree of accuracy?

Each of the elements above goes into making a CAD conversion partner worth your time.

– The CAD Chief

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