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Revolutionizing Design Efficiency: A Deep Dive into Autodesk’s Informed Design Tool

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Autodesk, a pioneering force in design software, has recently unveiled a revolutionary tool – “Autodesk Informed Design.” The quest for precision and efficiency in architectural design has found a formidable ally in Autodesk’s latest innovation. With Autodesk Informed Design, professionals can expect elevated design certainty and quality. The ability to tailor and validate products within Revit ensures that every specification is detailed and manufacturable.

This comprehensive blog aims to provide an in-depth exploration of this innovative add-on. We will explore how Informed Design improves product specifications in Revit and seamlessly connects design and manufacturing, transforming the workflow from Inventor to Revit through the Autodesk Construction Cloud collaboration platform.

Autodesk’s Informed Design: Bridging the Chasm Between Design and Manufacturing

Autodesk’s Informed Design is more than just an add-on; it’s a game-changer in design and manufacturing. Its multifaceted functionalities surpass conventional tools, offering architects, engineers, and designers a holistic solution. Acting as a bridge, Informed Design connects design and manufacturing workflows seamlessly. Providing a platform for utilizing customizable, manufacturable building products ensures architects achieve valid outcomes while allowing manufacturers to make their products easily accessible to relevant stakeholders.

The Seamless Workflow from Inventor to Revit

Understanding the complex workflow from Inventor to Revit is pivotal for unlocking the full potential of Autodesk’s Informed Design. This process is optimized by integrating the Autodesk Construction Cloud collaboration platform, acting as the conduit for the seamless exchange of information between the two software. Informed Design significantly enhances this workflow by enabling the export of fully-formed Revit families directly from Inventor. The importance of Construction Cloud in storing templates and project data is emphasized, showcasing the synergy between these essential Autodesk tools.

Informed Design’s Features: Revolutionizing Inventor and Revit

Unleashing the Power of Inventor:

Autodesk Informed Design for Inventor introduces automation into creating product models. This tool empowers product managers and engineers and facilitates collaboration with building design customers, creating parametric models with defined specifications, rules, and constraints. Informed Design streamlines the design and manufacturing process, setting clear design guardrails for building products.

Crafting Precision in Revit:

Autodesk Informed Design for Revit is a boon for design professionals. It allows them to effortlessly place building products into their models, visually representing how 3D parametric building product objects fit into the overall project. This feature fulfills a longstanding demand for greater certainty in product placement and adherence to industry standards. It also facilitates essential clash detection and constructability assessments, elevating the overall design experience.

On-Demand Pricing of Informed Design: A Customer-Centric Approach

“Autodesk Adopts a Customer-Centric Approach with Informed Design’s Pricing Model.” 

Explore Autodesk’s Informed Design with its customer-centric pricing: access the tool at no initial cost and pay only for valuable outputs like bills of materials and shop drawings—Experience Autodesk’s commitment to value without the overhead for routine tasks.

  • No Upfront Charge: Users can access and use Informed Design without any initial upfront charge. And it means that the tool is readily available for architects, engineers, and designers to integrate into their workflows at no cost.
  • Charging Based on Value Delivered: The critical aspect of this pricing model is that users are charged based on the specific value they derive from the tool. Instead of imposing a fixed cost, Autodesk recognizes that different users will use Informed Design for various purposes, and the pricing reflects the utility and benefits gained by the users.
  • Output-Driven Charges: The charges come into play when users generate specific outputs using Informed Design. For example, creating a bill of materials, generating shop drawings, or preparing other fabrication-related formats incurs charges. This output-driven approach ensures that users are only billed for the tangible results and documents the tool produces.
  • Value-Added Services: Autodesk positions this pricing strategy as a commitment to providing value-added services. By focusing on the outcomes and tangible deliverables, users are not charged with routine authoring and placement tasks, which might be considered standard or essential in the design process.
  • Flexibility for Users: This model allows users to explore and utilize Informed Design according to their project requirements. Users can decide when and how they want to incur charges based on the specific needs of their design and manufacturing processes.
  • Cost Efficiency: Users can optimize costs by strategically using informed design for tasks that directly contribute to the project’s progress and quality.  Ensures that the pricing structure aligns with the actual benefits and efficiencies gained by the users.

Early Results and Feedback on Informed Design

Green Canopy NODE, a forward-thinking construction technology company, shares insights into their experience using Informed Design. The tool has successfully demonstrated the integration of customized details, aesthetics, and quality engineering into mass-produced products. Early adopters appreciate the balance between design constraints and creativity, underscoring the positive impact on the environment and the building industry.

Why is outsourcing Autodesk’s Informed Design Tool the key?

Outsourcing Autodesk Informed Design tool work to industry experts, such as IndiaCADworks, brings numerous advantages. Leveraging the expertise of professionals well-versed in Autodesk design software ensures optimal utilization of Informed Design’s capabilities. This strategic approach enhances efficiency, accelerates project timelines, and allows in-house teams to focus on core competencies, ultimately fostering innovation and sustainable growth.


Autodesk’s Informed Design emerges as a transformative tool with the potential to redefine the architecture, engineering, and design industry. By addressing the longstanding demands of professionals in the field, Informed Design creates a bridge between design and manufacturing, fostering efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability.

As the AECO industry faces mounting challenges, integrating Informed Design offers a promising solution. Embrace the future with Autodesk design Software “Informed Design” and explore new horizons in product specifications and workflow integration.

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