A Solar Panel Installer’s Guide for Maximizing Opportunity Using CAD

Published by - Admin On January 4, 2022

Solar panels are becoming more popular each year. While the economic benefits of generating solar power for one’s own use are clear, the environmental and climate benefits are also becoming more widespread.

As demand for rooftop solar increases, so too does the opportunity for solar panel installers. To meet this increasing demand, more and more companies spring up, so it’s up to you as an installer to figure out how to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Utilizing high-tech solutions in the roof assessment is an important way for solar installers to differentiate themselves. Here are some ways to accomplish this.

Utilizing CAD Building Designs to Save Time and Money

Solar installations take so long and cost so much because each project needs to be tailored for the rooftop.

You would need to consider the materials that are used on the roof, the spacing of reinforcements, the angle of each material, and the location of the sun when planning your solar panel installation.

When you don’t have detailed plans for the building, you may end up relying on sending out someone to the roof to track, record, and document the exact nature of the rooftop.

However, these days many new buildings have their blueprints already in the form to be read by computer-aided design (CAD) programs, which contain all the information that you may need.

CAD conversion services can further help you convert images or paper-based drawings into CAD format, further easing your work.

We recommend that you seek out CAD building designs to start designing the solar system rather than rely first upon sending up a worker to survey the rooftop. This will help to reduce lead time and minimize costs passed onto the consumers.

Document Every Aspect Needed for Permitting and Regulations

The installation of solar panels requires permits and approval from governments that oversee the building code, so customers must navigate a lot of red tape before they can enjoy the benefits of their solar systems.

When you design solar systems using CAD programs—such as Solar Design Software for AutoCAD—it sets up the system to be as responsive and compliant as possible with all possible bureaucracy.

Solar systems designed via CAD can be submitted for approval directly from the resulting printouts, and any adjustments that the government requires can be done within the software more swiftly than if not done within CAD, allowing construction and installation to begin even sooner with construction drawings.

Accurately Map Out Potential Solar Generation

The roof-top solar panels are often a no-brainer for owners because it allows them to profit straight away. However, the upfront cost (often in the tens of thousands of dollars) can make it a risky venture if the cost-benefit analysis is not properly performed.

But with the advent of CAD tools for rooftop solar, the risk profile can be dropped and the accurate costs can be accounted for before a panel is even purchased. Using tools like PVCAD, you can plan out the location on the rooftop of panels.

You can also evaluate the performance of the various equipment like inverters and modules to truly model out what the expected power generation will be and how that will translate to a potential payback period for your investment.

This type of information will also allow your customers to trust you more quickly over the competition who has not adopted these modern CAD tools.

Getting Your Solar Installation Project Moving Quickly

At IndiaCADworks, we specialize in taking inspiration and ideas into hard design using all the most modern CAD software solutions. Our industry-leading experts are well versed in the ways in which CAD can be used to elevate potential solar installation projects.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you beat the competition in the solar panel installation industry.


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