What is 3D Custom Furniture Modeling and Why Is It Used

What is 3D Custom Furniture Modeling and Why Is It Used

Published by - Admin On September 1, 2014

Designing furniture begins with an idea – a vision of the finished product. However, in order to bring that vision into reality, you need the right steps. The first step is to create two-dimensional sketches and refine your design. However, once you have the details solidified, you need 3D custom furniture modeling. What is this process, how is it used and why does it matter? Actually, it can be used by both furniture designers and consumers, and it offers a number of benefits.

What Can It Be Used to Create?

3D custom furniture modeling can be used to create virtually any type of furniture where there is no existing 3D model or CAD design. Perhaps you’re creating a unique set of barstools, or maybe you have an idea for a brand new ergonomic office chair. Perhaps you have the beginnings of an idea for a new formal dining room table, or maybe you’re creating under-stairs storage compartments. Maybe you’re building a conference table with built-in computer monitors that rise from storage areas when they’re needed. There’s really no limit on what 3D custom furniture modeling can be used to create.

What Does It Offer?

The benefits of 3D custom furniture modeling should be obvious, at least to some extent. Essentially, these designs take your two-dimensional sketches and designs, and create a three-dimensional finished product in virtual space. This allows you to explore every aspect of the design, ensuring the right fit and function, determining where problems might arise, fine tuning your design, and providing the best possible functionality overall. Once you’ve adjusted your design and eliminated any potential problems, the same 3D model can be used for manufacturing, allowing you to harness the power of advanced technology like CNC machines and other devices to create a custom piece of furniture based on your initial design.

Why Do You Need It?

Whether you’re a professional designer or a consumer with an idea to create a product of your own, you can benefit from 3D custom furniture modeling. You need it for several reasons, including:

  • It helps eliminate errors
  • It allows you to adjust your design
  • It ensures your design is compatible with production machinery
  • It enhances your design capabilities, building on your innate creativity and knowledge
  • It allows you to explore the design to any degree necessary

Your Partner Matters

Most designers will not be able to create 3D custom furniture modeling on their own. That means you’ll need to hire a firm to do it for you. This is where things can get tricky. You need to ensure that you’re working with a reputable company that has extensive experience in 3D furniture modeling and design. The technicians should be intimately familiar with the most popular CAD software, including Sketchup, AutoCAD and more. They should also be experienced with 2D drafting.

Make sure the company you choose is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, and that they offer affordable rates combined with the highest quality modeling techniques.

– The CAD Chief

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