As a real estate agent, the most important factor to the success of your business is obviously getting choice listings on your compan

5 August 2013

ICT techniques and the use of software tools have quickly made in-roads into the world of Food technology and major universities/research centers such as the food technology division in the Georgia Institute of Technology, now incorporate computer aided design tools simultaneously with computer-aided manufacture software into their study process. These processes us

15 July 2013

The use of Computer-aided Design technology in dentistry has had a checkered history due to its low acceptances by fellows in the dental community and the economic recession that hit most parts of Europe and North America—including the United States—did little to foster CAD use by fellows in the dental community.

8 July 2013

“Half the size of a paper clip, weighing less than a tenth of a gram, it leapt a few inches, hovered for a moment on fragile, flapping wings, and then sped along a preset route through the air.” This was the commentary coming out of a lab in the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), as Caroline Perry covered the first flight of the RoboBee.

1 July 2013