FAQ – Engineering Services

Adhering to strict data safety and information privacy guidelines, IndiaCADworks (ICW) follows ISO certified processes to deliver architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, and BIM projects in time with precision. Following are the frequently asked questions that further elaborate our services, sub-services, scope, and engagement models.


Will I get an English-speaking dedicated point of contact?

A. Every project is handled by a qualified project manager who will be the dedicated point of contact till project completion.

What are all the modes of communication with the operations team?

A. GoToMeeting (Video conferencing/screen sharing), Phone calls, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Whether the FTE engagement is on a dedicated basis or shared basis?

A. Full-time equivalent (FTE) is an experienced engineer with the required set of skillsets based on the client’s project KPI or job description. The resource will be trained on the client process, workflow, tools, or applications and work dedicatedly on the client’s project based on the number of hour allocation for the project.

When do I need to pay for the project?

A. Payment schedules will be discussed and agreed upon as per the project scope and delivery schedule.

What are the modes of payment available?

A. There are many secure payment modes - Credit card/PayPal/Wire transfer/ACH based on the invoice value.

How do you ensure that my data is kept confidential?

A. We encourage our client to sign up our mutual NDA form or client has their own NDA. We review and sign the NDA as per the suggestions from our legal team.

How can I explain my project details or review comments since IndiaCADworks does not have a presence in our country?

A. We facilitate video conference or screen sharing sessions with our technical team that will enable customers to discuss the project brief or feedback in detail.

Do I get the progress file to review and comment on while the project is still in progress?

A. Yes, we can share the work in progress file based on milestone completion.

Architectural Engineering

Is your team aware of local county or approval codes?

A. We are an offshore firm, and we don’t have a principal engineer to be familiar with the approval codes. However, we are well aware of the standards, practices, and codes followed in different geographies to be included as per the client’s requirements.

Do you have an onsite engineer who can do the site survey?

A. No, all our engineers are offshore.

Can I submit drawings for a local permit?

A. No, we are an offshore engineering firm and are not authorized to sign off the drawings.

How many revisions do you accept during the project execution?

A. The number of revisions or changes is dependent on the scope of work and is usually defined in our project proposal as well as the Statement of work.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Do you have a BIM coordinator who will be a single point of communicationm during the project execution?

A. Yes, we have BIM coordinators who will be the single point of contact for BIM project execution. Along with BIM coordinators, we also assign dedicated operations managers who will be assisting the clients in team deployment, training, etc.

Will you participate in the BIM review meeting between contractors and other stakeholders?

A. Yes, our BIM coordinator and respective discipline team leads will participate in the review meeting as per the agreed scope of work

Will your BIM engineers visit the construction site?

A. No, we are primarily offshore engineering and BIM consultancy firm, and our engineers don’t travel to construction sites

What level of experienced BIM engineers you have in your team?

A. We have a well-defined role and structured hierarchy of the BIM team:
  • BIM Specialist / VDC Director
    • BIM Manager (Architectural)
      • BIM Coordinator
      • BIM Architect
      • Senior BIM Operator
      • BIM Operator
    • BIM Manager (Structural)
      • BIM Coordinator
      • BIM Engineer (C&S)
      • Senior BIM Operator
      • BIM Operator
    • BIM Manager (MEP)
      • BIM Coordinator
      • BIM Engineer (C&S)
      • Senior BIM Operator
      • BIM Operator

Civil Engineering

Do you work on residential, commercial, hospitality projects?

A. Yes, we do support all types of projects.

What do you offer in land development services?

A. The land development services offered by IndiaCADworks are as follows:
  • Detailed Site Plan
  • Grading Plan
  • Existing Conditions Plan
  • Demolition Plan
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plan
  • Stormwater Management Plan
  • Best Management Practice (BMP) plan
  • Sanitary Sewer Plan & Profile
  • Utility Plan and Profiles
  • Road and Pipe Profiles
  • Outfall Analysis
  • Sight Distance Plan and Profiles
  • Landscape Plan
  • County Standard Site Details as per client guidance
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Details

Can you do a complete estimation for tenders and projects

A. We can support you on Quantity surveying & estimation and, pre-construction estimation & BOQ. Our team will prepare BoQ, and preparing cost estimation would be challenging for us as we are not aware of local labor, equipment rental, and other associated costs. We can do this if you share with us the database of cost reference.

Structural Engineering

Are you aware of local codes and standards?

A. No, we don’t have a local presence, but our team has work experience, and we will follow the guidelines as per client samples or references.

Will I be able to communicate with the engineer who will be working on my project?

A. Yes, we will have a project kickoff and review meeting periodically to review the project progress

Our team follows a specific set of work procedures and tools. Can we train your engineer on the same

A. Yes, we encourage our clients to train us based on the process or tool or specific workflow you flow. This helps us to be more efficient and avoid revisions in our submissions.

Will your team follow my report and drawing template?

A. Based on your instructions, our team will generate, and this will be discussed during our initial engagement with our sales team and the project kick-off meeting.

Mechanical Engineering

Do you support old versions of CAD software and deliver the files in the software version requested?

A. Yes, we support multiple versions of CAD software and need to check your request's feasibility based on the volume and scope of the project.