Custom Cabinet Ideas Developed into Stunning 3D Models with Realistic Renderings

About the Client – US-based Cabinet Designer

The client is an American Cabinet designer who embraces the old-world craftmanship and technical expertise of the American Intermountain West. Apprenticed under master Cabinet Vision specialists, the client utilizes historical methodologies and modern tools to demonstrate an inherent luxuriousness and commitment to quality. Wood and material selection compliment the classic lines, beaded insets, paneling, and dovetailing that integrates beautifully with the finest appliances, systems, and energy efficiencies for custom kitchens and bathrooms that aren’t found anywhere else.

Requirements for the AutoCAD Cabinet Shop Drawings Project

The client was in the process of creating new styles for an upcoming line of cabinets and needed the designs and layouts, including 2D sketches, editing, rendering, bidding, and G-codes. They wanted to work with a highly experienced outsourcing CAD company who had the drafting and modeling capabilities to execute this project with the necessary precision and attention to the original design.

After an extensive online search, the client discovered IndiaCADworks (ICW) and chose to contract our services due to the following:

  • Expertise in structural design and drafting and experience in designing structural layouts for furniture using Cabinet Vision software.
  • Commitment to transparency across all pricing to assure the clients of a no-hidden-fees service model.
  • Willingness to adopt a collaborative workflow with the client to help ensure integrity throughout the Design Production process.

Challenges Faced by ICW

The ICW team dealt with a couple of unique challenges over the duration of this Cabinet Vision design project:

  • The ICW team had to adapt to the client’s challenging, proprietary construction methodologies in only 15 days, which demanded extensive research and experience-based learning approaches.
  • Collaborating with the client required the ICW team to shift part of their work schedules to a PST schedule to accommodate the client’s work hours.

ICW’s Approach to This Cabinet Vision Design Project

ICW approached this Cabinet Design Production assignment from a personalized perspective, developing a step by step process:

  • The client sent over their hand-drawn sketches of the cabinets as input, and ICW assembled a 3-member team to work exclusively on this project.
  • These sketches were translated to 2D Cabinet Vision drawings and checked for any potential anomalies.
  • Confirmation on the heights and location on the electrical ports were obtained or created from scratch as needed depending on the original design input.
  • The elevations and 3D designs were then created across the original sections using Hexagon Cabinet Vision CAD and CAM software.
  • ICW did the material scheduling, and once approved, compiled the reports and began the production process for the cabinets.
  • Finally, ICW aided the client in the entire production process, optimizing tools, materials, and methodologies to minimize waste and maximize resources.
  • G-codes were designed to ensure the automated manufacturing performance was accurate and standardized.

Log-term Cabinet Vision Design Project Contract Signed with the Client

This Cabinet Design process continues to be successful as a long-term contract, with the following key takeaways:

  • Given the scarcity of Cabinet Vision Designers, the client was pleased to have found skilled purveyors of this service with experienced FTE designers who could work in their time zone.
  • As an additional value add, ICW developed realistic 3D visualizations of the completed cabinet designs in the interior space for the client to display to their potential clients.
  • The client was able to significantly increase their production time and efficiency while decreasing associated costs.
  • ICW continues to work closely with the client on this project and has accepted an additional long-term contract creating 3D rendering models.

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