IndiaCADworks Provides High-End AutoCAD Services to Dedicated Interior Fittings Specialist.

The Client - A Dedicated Interior Products & Fittings Specialist

Based in Houston and spanning back to 1974, the client started a family owned business that manufactures, provides and installs professional fittings and interior products including work tables, shelving, cabinets, and counters for office and laboratory use.

Expanding their products and services to also include leading plastic laminate casework manufacturing and case systems, they have grown to become one of the largest companies in this industry boasting over 80 000 square feet of office, manufacturing, and warehouse space, and are experts at assisting with programming, budgeting, on-site project management, design, and value engineering.

Requirements for the AutoCAD Cabinet Shop Drawings Project

Working on a project that required in-depth AutoCAD shop drawings of specific cabinets and fixtures, the client approached our team at IndiaCADworks needing us to assist with developing these drawings as finished samples.

The project involved certain apartments that needed a fixed layout of cabinets and working from received PDFs of their design ideas we were to create and provide an enhanced PDF that included the different fixture details, joinery details, finishing details, BOM, etc.

A timeline of 30 days was set with a team of two resources and a total of 30 cabinets working a max of 300 hours.

Challenges Dealt with by ICW’s Engineering Team

Once our team started working on this task, the main challenges we faced were due to the sample quality the client needed and certain design standards that needed to be adhered to. Due to the high-quality design concepts, we were working with; there were many small fixtures and additions that needed to be included accurately, we also needed to pay close attention to dimension styles, line types, and layers.

To overcome these challenges, we ensured to use the latest AutoCAD software that provides certain standard monitoring and inclusion capabilities. We also broke the design images down and concentrated on one area at a time.

Process Outline for This Cabinet Shop Drawing and Drafting Project

At IndiaCADworks, our team is highly trained, and we work within a customer-driven mindset. Our projects always have a very high success rate, and we worked diligently to ensure this project would be the same.

  • Once the contract for this project was signed and submitted, the client sent us the PDF inputs we needed to work on.
  • We transferred these PDFs to AutoCAD and exploded each view of the cabinets to visualize better the requirements based on the provided samples.
  • We began preparing each draft paying special attention to the different fixture details, joinery details, finishing details, BOM, etc.
  • These files were sent to our QC for quality inspection.
  • The final drafts were sent to the client as per request.

Exceptional Steps Taken Above and Beyond Initial Requirements

Because our working pace was going so smoothly, our team also put into creating and providing 3D rendering and walkthroughs of the apartments, which the client had not asked for.

High-quality Output Saving Significant Project Cost and Time for the Client

At IndiaCADworks, we pride ourselves on punctual, accurate, and professional work. Using state of the art and updated AutoCAD software and years of experience, we were able to take this project in our stride and not only provide exactly what the client needed but also go beyond that in output quality and costs and time saved.

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