Design Modeling, Drafting, and Millwork Drawing for UK-based Visual Merchandiser

About the Client - Top Selling Visual Merchandiser

Based out of Nottinghamshire, UK, the client is a retail visual merchandiser who combines industry manufacturing expertise with specialized technical product design and program management to generate cost savings beyond the capabilities of what traditional supply chains can derive. Their dedication to service model integrity and innovative approach to design, procurement, and program management via cloud data management and collaboration tools, enables them to help their clients realize the full potential of the retail environment.

Millwork Drawing and Drafting Requirements for the Project

Needing to streamline design processes for their client’s retail display fixtures, the client wanted to create conceptual design, modeling, drafting, assembly-level drawings, and part level drawings in both PDF and CAD files. This required expert CAD services from a capable outsourcing provider who could meet the high-volume demand for design modeling, drafting, and millwork drawings.

Discovering IndiaCADworks (ICW) through an online inquiry, the client consulted with our knowledgeable sales team and decided to contract us due to the following:

  • Ability to provide a dedicated team of mechanical engineers, 3D modeling artists, and millwork artists, towards producing the design models and drafts.
  • Comprehensive millwork drawing solutions and skills, including exposure to cutting-edge millwork design systems, drafting, and woodworking standards.
  • Ability to meet the client’s 2 month timeframe for project completion and budget limitations.

Challenges Overcome by Our Team

ICW came across a couple of challenges while working on this Millwork design and modeling project for retail display fixtures:

  • Due to the complexity of Millwork construction methods for the display, wood, glass, acrylic, and metal fixtures and their accompanying materials and utilization required the skills of only the most experienced ICW assets.
  • Some of the concept models and sketch input provided by the client were missing specific measurement data, which took additional time to address and correct.

Design Modeling and Millwork Drafting Planning and Execution Process

ICW took a proactive, robust approach to this retail visual merchandising model and drafting project to establish time and resource efficiency:

  1. ICW began with a trial project at a discounted rate, and upon completion was approved by the client for a full time, 2 month contract with a team of 10 experienced engineers.
  2. ICW began working on the detail engineering for the model that fully defined all elements of the project development for the millwork across all interior retail displays.
  3. The design intent was met through careful consideration of the original input in relation to client objectives, materials, space, and function.
  4. ICW then created the component-level design, which accurately converted the millwork design intent into highly detailed designs.
  5. This was followed by a complete assembly makeover, suggestions for optimization, and a Quality Control (QC) check.
  6. After the designs, models, assembly-level drawings, and part level drawings were delivered to and approved by the client, ICW produced the DXA files for CNC production, and cut the list and bill up materials.
  7. The volume of the project totaled 1,300 hours over the course of 2 months.

Additional Value Add

To provide additional value, ICW’s team prepared Commercial Cabinet Construction Drawings to better support the client’s vision for the retail space.

How the Client Benefited from the Project

This high-volume, time-intensive retail visual merchandising project was completed according to plan, with the following key takeaways:

  • The client was able to benefit from the skill of an educated, trained offshore team without the expense of training and hiring in-house, enabling them to avoid a substantial resource cost.
  • Due to the efficiency of ICW’s workflow and delivery, the client was able to improve their production time and take on new clients.
  • ICW was able to gain exposure to an extensive array of materials and design standards used in the U.K., and further augment our existing skill set.

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