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ICW Helped American Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings Manufacturer with Product Detailing and 3D CAD Drawings for Installation Guide

Client Profile – American Manufacturer

The client is an American manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen fittings with stores across the United States, including New York, San Francisco, Boston, Miami, and Chicago. As a trusted provider of high-quality parts since 1925, the client focuses on craftsmanship, design, quality materials, and artisanal factories. Believing in the artistry of design, the client is a leader in providing true artistry to their hardware fittings.

Product Documentation Detailing Requirement

With numerous unique bathroom and kitchen fittings to display for their large customer base, the client was in need of a comprehensive installation guide for their products. As this would be a long-term, ongoing project, the client wanted an experienced outsourcing partner who could develop 3D models and product detailing for the installation guide.

After learning of IndiaCADworks (ICW) online, the client contacted the ICW sales team to discuss the overview of the project, and decided to contract ICW’s services due to the following reasons:

  • Ability to accommodate weekly requests for project updates to report the current status of the assignment.
  • Ability to provide scalable workforce and customized pricing that would suit their budgetary constraints.

Challenges Faced by Our Engineering Team

The ICW team faced some specific challenges during this 3D modeling project:

  • As this was a long-term project encompassing over two years, the ICW team had to develop a highly specialized schedule to ensure all deliverables could be managed effectively.
  • Timing weekly reports and communicating with the client was a challenge due to the client’s demanding schedule and requests for lengthy, detailed reports.
  • The products featured in the installation guides had numerous elements per design that all had to be factored into the 3D models.

ICW’s Customized Approach to This Project

To manage this long-term project efficiently, a customized approach was developed by the ICW team, and included the following steps:

  • ICW assembled a team of five experts to work exclusively on this project for the two year period.
  • The client provided the input files:
    • Parasolid files or .STP files of the products, including kitchen and bathroom fittings, handworks, and lightings.
    • Vendor assembly drawings of the various products with basic dimensions.
  • ICW opened the provided files in SolidWorks and created the 3D CAD drawings.
  • The ICW team then completed the Profile drawings and catalogs using AutoCAD.
  • CAD blocks were then created, along with the installation guides.
  • Finally, the Service Parts documents were developed and delivered.

Takeaways of This Long-term Project

This project was completed successfully over the course of two years, and ICW was proud to deliver the following results:

  • The client was highly satisfied with ICW’s dedication to best practices through every component of the assignment.
  • ICW exceeded all quality benchmarks and received praise from the client regarding the level of accuracy on all deliverables.
  • Due to the seamless manner in which ICW worked with the client during this partnership, the client contracted ICW’s services for another important project.

Note: References available on request

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