Aerospace Component Modeling for Reengineering RSA Fuel Injection System

The Client - A Well Established Industrial Fuel Injection Manufacturer

Based in Australia, the client is an Industrial Fuel Injection Manufacturer specializing in RSA Fuel Injection Systems. Due to years of success and time-proven quality, engine manufacturers around the world have come to rely on them.

Among other things they provide new and rebuilt RSA fuel injection systems, servos, flow dividers, and nozzles for Lycoming Engines, as well as the complete line of replacement parts and kits available through factory authorized distributors.

Requirements for 3D Modeling of Aerospace Components

The client approached us with a project needing 3D Modeling, specifically the modeling of a small component in their fuel injector. We were provided with PDF files of sketches and designs, along with any design needs and ideas the client had to offer. The end goal of this project was to take the drawn ideas and turn them into an accurate 3D model using one team member and one week to complete it.

Challenges Faced by Our Engineering Team

In working with the client on this project, the main challenges we faced were due to a lack of knowledge in the Aerospace Domain. It is an incredibly precise industry with years of knowledge being needed in metal types, aerodynamics, design structures, and safety laws, the list goes on.

However, the client was eager to walk through this project with us and was happy to assist us with any information and details whenever they were needed, this went a long way in aiding us and in ensuring a successful completion.

3D Modeling Process Followed for the Project

The team worked side by side with the client in creating the required model. The steps followed:

  • We received the sketches from the client in PDF file formats.
  • The client included sketches of previous components that were similar to what we were working on to assist us.
  • Using these sketches, we fed the information into Inventor 2015 and started creating the model, and then sent through to the client for review.
  • The client came back to us with modifications they needed to be done on the model; we followed the instruction.
  • And finally Sent the finished model through to the client.

Project Benefits – Accurate 3D Models with Visualization

By taking on this project, we were able to work on new topics which strengthened us with new knowledge. The open, transparent manner of our dealings with the client laid the path to a symbiotic success that benefited the client in time and costs saved.

Using our expertise in 3D modeling, we were able to deliver exactly what the client was looking for, and due to this and the satisfaction our work generated, the client has already handed new projects our way to work on. We are confident that our working relationship with the client will continue with strength and benefit in the future.

Note: References available on request

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