3D Modeling of Monumental Structures for American Asset Management Firm

The Client – American Asset management Company

The client is an international cultural asset management and consulting firm based in the US. that specializes in connecting organizations and individuals with the arts. Serving governments, institutions, corporations, foundations, and individuals across the world, the client identifies intersecting service groups and business lines that can accelerate art, culture, and museums within the global economy. They focus on providing advice, consultation, expertise, and museum planning services to help institutions align their community enhancement vision with key business objectives.

3D Modeling Requirements by the Client

The client wanted to create 3D models of monuments and buildings developed from a series of drawings, sketches, and photos that would accurately demonstrate structure attributes. They preferred to partner with a top CAD service provider with a transparent outsourcing framework. After finding IndiaCADworks (ICW) through an online inquiry, the client decided to contract our team due to the following:

  • Proven use of leading CAD software to facilitate more accurate and visually dynamic development of the 3D models that would better meet the client’s specifications and quality standards.
  • Reliance on both industry-standard and emerging 3D modeling techniques that would provide new value to the project.
  • Ability to meet the 3D model production requirement of 12 completed models per month for a 6-month duration.

Challenges Faced by Our CAD Modeling Team

ICW faced a few challenges throughout this 3D modeling project for prominent architectural structures:

  • The client originally wanted the files to be produced in Rhinoceros, but this had to be adjusted to a .obj format, per ICW’s suggestion, would be better suited for easy use in 3D printing.
  • The advanced level of detailing and precision, in addition to the enclosed surface, was challenging to execute and demanded the skills of ICW’s most experienced team members.

ICW’s Approach to Develop 3D Models of Monuments and Buildings

ICW developed a strategy for the 3D modeling project process that combined the productive use of workflow with coordinated execution:

  1. ICW successfully performed an initial trial per the client’s request before the contract went into effect.
  2. The client delivered assorted drawings, sketches, and photos, and ICW’s team reviewed the input to identify any ambiguity or lack of information.
  3. Upon consulting with the client about project requirements and deliverables, ICW assembled two experts, an architect and a 3D modeling artist, and set a realistic timeframe for milestones and completion.
  4. ICW began working on the 3D model, transforming the input into accurately dimensional specifications for the model.
  5. ICW’s architect and 3D modeling artists took different approaches depending on the type of structure being developed to ensure absolute precision and aesthetic alignment.
  6. Quality Control (QC) was conducted before the submission of the 3D models to the client for approval.
  7. The client’s team checked the model’s compatibility for 3D printing and then sent feedback to ICW if any minor issues were found. If the model was ready, the client sent it to production.
  8. Over six months, ICW’s team completed 72 accurate and photo-realistically detailed 3D models in .obj file format for the client.

Additional Value Add by ICW’s Engineering Team

ICW completed the drafting of the models in AutoCAD to elevate the accuracy of their sketches and drawings. The team used

Project Takeaways for the Client – 40% Cost Saving and More

ICW completed this 3D modeling project for the advancement of the arts, with the following key takeaways:

  • The client was impressed with the ease of the onboarding process, and the steps taken to streamline communication.
  • The client procured a skilled team of architects and 3D modeling artists who made strategic use of cross-departmental assets to produce the models.
  • Highly satisfied with the 40% savings on overall project cost and the quality of deliverables, the client requested another 3D modeling contract with ICW’s team for a new cultural community center.

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