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3D Modeling with Solidworks®

Thermal Insulation Units 3D Modeling with SolidWorks Delivered for Billion Dollar American Engineering Firm

The Client - A Leader in the Thermal Insulation Industry

Our client, located in Massachusetts, US, provides solutions for high temperature insulating and sealing needs. Their main focus is on offering extensive fabrication capability including CNC machining, waterjet, die cutting, laminating, slitting and vacuum forming.

Requirements for the SolidWorks Modeling Project

The client required the creation of SolidWorks models from PDFs and photographs, with detailed elements of color and texture. We were tasked with completing ten drawing sets, each set containing eight drawings, provided in 2D and 3D SolidWorks files. Three dedicated resources were assigned to this project, which lasted for one month.

Challenges Faced by Our Team

Apart from the usual challenges associated with time constraints and workload, the main hurdle faced by the team was creating a texture from photographs and giving exact mold shapes.

Our Detailed Process

The following customized step-wise process was followed to keep the team on track and complete the project within the necessary deadline:

  • Input files were received through secure FTP.
  • An internal review was completed, and milestones were fixed, after which the team leader worked out the expected timeline and assigned tasks to each team member.
  • Our modeling experts created a SolidWorks model and generated the SolidWorks file with the necessary details.
  • The first drawing of each file was shared with the client, leaving room for comments and improvements.
  • Shapes were matched using trial and error, and surface processing for the molds was completed.
  • Based on the client’s feedback, the rest of the files were passed on to the team for processing.
  • A thorough quality check was performed by the team leader.
  • Finally, a random quality check was completed by the manager and the final files sent to the client for approval.

IndiaCADworks Achieved Long-term Partnership with the Client

Despite a few initial challenges related to the understanding of the product features, we were able to develop detailed, accurate 3D models that impressed the client. Based on our stellar performance, IndiaCADworks will be partnering with the client on future modeling projects.

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