American Industrial Technology Provider Outsources New Product Video to ICW for Cutting Edge Visualization

About the Client – 1946 Established American Engineering Firm

Established in 1946 in New Jersey, U.S.A., the client serves diverse industrial customers around the world, offering high-quality equipment for process and production filtration, wastewater treatment, thermal processing, and pollution control. Their customers include municipal facilities and industrial process plants for a variety of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food processors, and water treatment plants. Featuring a wide range of innovative technological solutions, the client solves wastewater, flue gas, and industrial processing challenges while supporting evolving customer needs.

Project Requirements – 3D Product Modeling and Animation

Having developed a unique twin disc pump for industrial applications, the client wanted to create a 3D CAD animated video that would demonstrate its unique features and process for prospective customers. The client preferred to work with an experienced outsourcing CAD services company who could bring cutting edge animation techniques to the table.

After lengthy online research, the client found IndiaCADworks (ICW) and promptly contracted our services due to the following:

  • Proven ability in product animation and 3D modeling in industrial applications to ensure the animation would appeal to the client’s customer demographics.
  • Ability to provide certified mechanical engineers who had best in industry CAD skills and proficiency in tools, such as SolidWorks, Autodesk AutoCAD, and 3ds Max.

Challenges Faced by Our Mechanical Engineers

ICW faced a few difficult challenges while developing this 3D CAD model and product animation for the industrial domain:

  • The client provided limited input about the product and its features, which required ICW to consult with the client’s sales and marketing team and perform supplemental research to better understand it.
  • Some product elements were still being put through final testing in parallel to CAD development, which took extra time to obtain creative input for the best information and animation quality.

Product Modeling and Animation Process for This Project

ICW implemented a step by step approach for the entire 3D modeling and animation process to achieve impeccable results on time:

  • ICW began by receiving input from the client, including the technical details and documentation, 3D CAD files, and storybook frame-by-frame ppt to help our team better understand how the product operated and performed.
  • ICW assembled a 4-member team of skilled engineers to work exclusively on the project.
  • An initial draft was created that reflected the original input, and this was sent to the client for review and feedback on technical aspects and quality.
  • Once approved, the final CAD model was developed and rendered in realistic detail.
  • A high-resolution product animation video was then created that followed the client’s storyboard and demonstrated how the product worked, with crisp supporting graphics and changing viewpoints.
  • The video was a total of 2 minutes, and a subtle, professional sound was added to the animation during post-production.
  • This final animation was delivered to the client for final approval, with a total output of over ten products during the 2-week time period.

Additional Value Add by ICW’s Team

To add further value at no charge to the client, our team conducted a thorough assessment of the final animation with one of our Quality Control leads and ensured the video was optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop viewing.

High-Quality Deliverables within the Agreed Timeline as Promised

ICW concluded this new product demonstration video of a twin-disc pump for the industrial sector successfully, with the following key takeaways:

  • The client was able to save substantial costs while outsourcing with ICW and received a high-quality video that accurately demonstrated the complexity of their new product in an easy to absorb way.
  • ICW was complimented for the team’s visualization and 3D modeling skills while rendering the product video.
  • The client offered an additional contract to ICW to help them with mechanical concept designs for one of their new water waste technical solutions.

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