Engineering 3D Animation Video Developed for German-based Factory Automation Company

The Client - Factory Automation Consultants

Our client is a German company with over 60 years of experience in factory design, management consulting, flow design, product engineering and design, quality assurance, control, and human resource consulting. Their services are primarily focused on the woodwork and furniture design industry.

The company has provided services to over 2,000 customers and is knowledgeable in the global developments within the woodworking and furniture industry. For over 50 years, the company has primarily focused on component manufacturing for furniture, making them familiar with the market and its international correlations.

Our client seeks to ensure that their customers achieve sustainable improvements and competitive advantages from their consulting services - an aim that should be followed by all of their outside partners. Due to their experience as woodworking engineers, project managers, and business economists, the client has extensive knowledge of the woodworking industry.

Requirements for the Virtual Factory Automation Project

Our client’s project was intended for an annual conference of one of their own customers to help raise project capital. We were required to create a virtual factory, with virtual functioning, to represent how an automated factory would operate.

We created a five-minute-long video, with sequenced paths, culminating all paths in one final video. The client provided a storyboard and layout of the factory, with the basic land area, dimensions, the types of machinery required, and the process of automation to be highlighted. The client required one five-minute-long animated video, with 700 hours of work to be done. We are currently discussing further videos.

Challenges Tackled by ICW’s Engineering Visualization Team

The main challenge for our team was understanding the client’s imaginary visual intention. Furthermore, there was a tight time constraint, resulting in the team having to work 18 hours per day to ensure completion. However, the client paid a premium for the additional hours that were required.

me to obtain creative input for the best information and animation quality.

Process Outline for This 3D Animation Project

The team we assembled for this project was comprised of five people, and the project required 45 days for basic modeling, animation, rendering, correction, and post-production.

In order to ensure that the client was satisfied with the completed project and that we met all expectations, we adopted a step-by-step process to streamline the work. These steps were as follows:

  1. We conducted a preliminary meeting to express our understanding, and to ensure the client could explain their exact requirements.
  2. We used the given storyboard to start the drawing and modeling for the animation of the video.
  3. We divided the video into several sequence paths, allocating one minute per path, ultimately creating a draft of the first path.
  4. Once the first-minute path was completed, we shared it with the client and used their feedback to proceed with the remaining paths in the draft.
  5. Once all five individual paths were created, they were combined in a single draft video, which was again shared with the client.
  6. We then created a rendering of the video to allow the client to see the color.
  7. After the video was approved by the client, the post-production team included lighting, glossy finishing, music, and credits.

We made use of V-Ray software and our SketchUp services to complete the project in the specified time frame.

Project Takeaways

The client received a high-quality animated video that was developed within a short time and saved the client 60% on resource costs. Our expertise provided sound advice and ideas on how to better perform, ultimately leading to the client is highly satisfied with the end result.

We have benefited from this work, as the client has indicated interest in a partnership for other ongoing projects. Furthermore, we have gained valuable knowledge within the woodwork and furniture factory automation industry, which may benefit future projects.

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