IndiaCADworks Recreating Engineering Visualization with AR, VR, and Mixed Reality

The advancement of complex architectural and engineering software has enabled builders, real estate firms, and other stakeholders to provide potential customers with detailed and more realistic engineering visualizations than ever before. If an interior designer wants to provide a view of their vision without yet purchasing furniture or a commercial building owner wants a prospective lease to ‘walk through’ a building while they’re 1,000 miles away, these engineering visualizations provide the opportunity.

Engineering visualizations can take many forms, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or even mixed reality (MR). The brave new world of engineering visualizations can unlock many doors, but the technology is complex. Luckily, IndiaCADworks has expert teams readily available to create the type of AR, VR, and MR visualizations that can sell a property, wow architectural clients, and more. If you want to dip your toes into the world of advanced engineering visualization, IndiaCADworks can help.

What IndiaCADworks Offers in the Form of Engineering Visualization

Engineering visualization is a broad term that encompasses numerous specific opportunities for how a modeled building or room can be designed, displayed, and manipulated. When you’re looking to IndiaCADworks to partner with you on your engineering visualization journey, we can offer many such on demand services, including the following:

  • Virtual Reality for Architectural Tours: Utilizing VR tools, IndiaCADworks will help you develop engineering visualization that allows users to receive a realistic tour of your space no matter where they are in the world or where in the designing or construction process the building is in.
  • Augmented Reality Used for Training: The use of AR technology allows mechanical and operational firms to train employees in real-time, providing a view that shows where and how different functions work overlaid in real time. Our experts can tailor these AR solutions to your needs.
  • Entertainment Based Mixed Reality Visualizations: Whether for museums, historic landmarks, or other iconic locations, MR visualizations allow for users to be taken on an entertaining and informative tour like they’ve never seen. IndiaCADworks can elevate your tourist destination to new heights with MR visualizations.
  • Mechanical Equipment Maintenance via Visualization: Utilizing AR and MR tools, maintenance professionals of mechanical equipment can more quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively identify what equipment needs maintenance and / or repair.
  • Rapid Modeling Based Prototyping: IndiaCADworks can help streamline your design and rapid prototyping process by using engineering visualization to provide realistic looking and behaving prototype models that appear to be in front of you without having to produce a single item.
  • Safety and Operations Enhancements for Employee Practices: When your mechanical firm utilizes AR, MR, and VR visualizations, you can enhance safety for your employees. IndiaCADworks can brings these tools to your workers based on your specifications.

Technical Process of Creating Engineering Visualizations

When you take on the expert teams at IndiaCADworks, we’ll walk you through our meticulous process for creating engineering visualizations for you:

  • 3D Model: The first step towards any engineering visualization is to create a 3D model of the objects or space that you want to be recreated. Using the appropriate software tools for the project, such as Virtual Architect, Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe InDesign, or others, IndiaCADworks will develop a functional 3D computer generated model.
  • Export to Engineering Visualization Software: The 3D model file will then be sent to the engineering visualization software that is to be used, such as Unity for virtual reality, Layar SDK or Vuforia Augmented Reality DSK for augmented reality, or Kentico Kontent for mixed reality.
  • Fine Tune the Final Product: Once the file is in the appropriate software home, the IndiaCADworks team will fill in the tool with all the photorealistic details and other adjustments that are needed to make the engineering visualization accurate and realistic looking.
  • Port to Necessary Delivery Tools: Engineering visualizations may be wanted to live on a computer, they may need to be optimized for mobile phone applications, or they may be utilized to create a video file showing them off. Whatever your specific needs, IndiaCADworks will port the engineering visualization to the right final form.

Key Benefits of Engineering Visualization with IndiaCADworks

Engineering visualizations are the future of architecture, real estate, and mechanical design, so you want to jump on these opportunities as soon as you can. But it’s not enough to just do any engineering visualization, but rather take advantage of the opportunities from the experts at IndiaCADworks that come with the following technical benefits:

  • Flexibility between software tools: The world of software tools available for engineering visualizations are vast and varied, but IndiaCADworks has expertise in all the must have tools like ARKit, ZapWorks, HP Reveal, and more. We’ll find the software that best meets your technical needs.
  • State of the art computing: The data processing required for advanced engineering visualization is quite intensive, meaning only the most advanced of computers can be used. IndiaCADworks has these tools available for your project.
  • Desktop, tablet, mobile, and other platforms: Part of the attraction of AR and MR is that it can be taken into the real world, and IndiaCADworks will make sure your engineering visualization is custom tailored to your needs, whether that’s through users computers, tablets, mobile phones, or other custom devices.
  • Cloud based storage: All these advanced engineering visualization projects will be stored by IndiaCADworks in cloud based storage, meaning they can be accessed from wherever you need them to be accessed from.

IndiaCADworks Can Transform Your Business with Engineering Visualization

These engineering visualization tools, stretching from augmented reality to virtual reality to mixed reality, are the future of how all architectural, mechanical, and commercial entities operate in the future. While the technology can be intimidating, ICW with a service portfolio of architectural visualization, 360 virtual tour, and more is here to hold your hand through the process and ensure your business leverages them to the greatest extent possible. Get in touch with IndiaCADworks today for a free engineering visualization consultation!

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