ICW’s End-to-end Administrative Management Helped Construction Firm Delivering Project On-time

The Client - A Respectable Construction Specialist

Based in New York, the client is a high-end construction and contracting firm that specializes in quality and punctual work spanning back to 2007.

From the day they first opened their doors, the company’s core values have remained true and unchanging. Striving to meet demanding budgets and deadlines, providing impeccable attention to detail, counseling with honesty, and building with integrity, they have created a reputation of exceeding every client’s expectation on every project they take on.

Requirements for the Administrative Management Project

The client contacted our team at IndiaCADworks with requirements involving certain project assistance and management services. We were required to coordinate with their entire team including the architects, contractors, laborers, etc. to create bids, cash flow reports on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, as well as daily site reports and management.

We were also given access to different custom web applications involved in their company and working with input from these applications were required to consolidate all emails and details from different stakeholders.

The project budget was set at 320 hours per month with a team of 5 to 10 resources.

Challenges Tackled by ICW’s Business Administration and Management Team

While working on this project, there was one main challenge that hindered our working pace in the early stages of this task. Due to the nature of the project itself, and its connections to the construction industry, an in-depth level of construction methodology knowledge was required.

In order to contend with this challenge, we assigned team members to the task who had experience working with construction clients in the past, and in times where this was not sufficient, we referred our queries to the client for additional information. By following these two steps, we were able to greatly speed up our working pace.

Adopting a Stepwise Process

To ensure the client received exactly what was needed, our team applied a professional and proficient process to every detail. We utilized all of the input the client provided and combined with our administrative experience concluded in a very successful project.

Our Step by Step Process Was as Follows:

  1. After our initial meeting with the client to ascertain what was needed and set the plan moving forward, the client provided us with the necessary project documents and web applications.
  2. We used these inputs to gather the needed stats and information to compile the required reports.
  3. We prepared RFP and RFI documents for bidding purposes and initiated the bidding process.
  4. Daily we worked on the client’s sites and created progress reports.
  5. The client granted us certain validation rights for billing clearances.
  6. We created project completion reports.
  7. And finally obtained certain completion certificates which we submitted back to the client.

Project Takeaway - 70% Cost Benefit for the Client

By handing this project over to a professional team the client was able to benefit from the end product which only a well-experienced facilitator can provide, and by starting this project on the right foot we not only provided a high-level output; we also were able to increase our resources in order to meet the client’s extra needs within a 24 hour period. Our proficiency saved the client an average of 70% in total costs, and because of this, they were immensely pleased with our work.

Since then the client has requested for more projects to be handled by us, and we look forward to working with the client in the coming months.

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