Green Energy Audit and Modeling Complying with the State of Texas Energy Standard

The Client - Green Energy And Sustainability Consulting Group

Based in Texas, USA, our client’s approach to energy and sustainability is modeled after an established and enduring European process. The firm ensures that all new homes and remodels in the State of Texas meet the State of Texas Energy Standard, blending their market-specific forensic knowledge into the plans toaddress the home as a complete system.

Green Energy Auditing Reporting and Analysis Project

The client required the assistance of IndiaCADworks (ICW) in the evaluation of homes for green energy status, with specific attention paid to the 2015IECC building energy code. After receiving a variety of inputs, our team was tasked with completing the calculation and analysis and report on whether the buildings met the required standards or not. Additionally, we were tasked with providing suggestions on the types of materials to be used in the houses to meet the necessary standards.

Challenges Faced By ICW’s Engineering Team

Our architectural engineering team faced a few challenges with this particular project, mostly related to the receipt of incorrect input data and unexpected changes to the drawings. Additionally, we struggled with inaccurate equipment details, specifically related to air conditioning systems, ducts, and heaters. The local build conditions of the properties also presented somewhat of a challenge, though not completely insurmountable.

Green Energy Modeling Process that We Followed

A team of 3 analysis experts was assigned to this project. Over a 3-month period, they developed a step-wise process that would eliminate any additional problems and allow them to complete the task on time.

  • Our analysts received the drawings from the client, which were checked for any potential issues/discrepancies.
  • Using Ekotrope software, we completed the required calculations.
  • The final report was updated on the cloud, using the specified software.
  • Suggestions on potential building materials to be used were sent to the client via email.
  • Any requested changes were changed if there was a need for higher certifications.

Unique Project for ICW and Great Benefits for the Client

This long-term project necessitated a completely streamlined process, which enabled us to check on the status of the project on a real-time basis to receive the requested changes and updates as quickly as possible. With our time-saving approach and reduced rates, the client was highly satisfied with the quality and speed of our work. Working on a running contract, both IndiaCADworks and the client are enjoying a successful professional.

Note: References available on request

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