Revit Model from Point Cloud Data for a Six-story Building with Modern Architecture in Greece

Client Profile – US-based Architectural Design Agency

The client is a prominent design agency based in New York, the USA, and Athens, Greece, with a team who believes in creating sustainable commercial, residential, hospitality, municipal, and recreational spaces that naturally coincide with their environments. Their team has worked on several notable urban landmarks, including the Phoenix Observation Tower in Arizona, and the Pier 6 Viewing Platform in Brooklyn, New York. Their quickly growing, impressive portfolio is a diverse mixture of interior design, architecture, graphic design, branding, and consulting services. Their focus on renovating and retrofitting old structures ensures that historical buildings still have a place in the landscape of modern architecture.

Requirements for 3D Revit Models

A new design project on a six-story residential building in Greece called for the client to create a complex architectural and structural 3D Revit model using cloud point data. Needing the project to be completed without a hitch, the client required an experienced outsourcing partner who could execute the 3D modeling to their exact specifications.

After an extensive online inquiry, the client came across IndiaCADworks (ICW), and contacted our knowledgeable customer support team. Following an in-depth consultation, the client felt confident in securing ICW’s services due to:

  • Prior experience working on similar projects in relevant architectural and design domains.
  • In-demand team of engineers who could complete the 3D modeling with the appropriate skill level a project of this complexity required.
  • Ability to finish the project in under two weeks, which included time for client approval and any potential final revisions.
  • Ability to meet the client’s stringent benchmarks for quality.

Challenges Faced by ICW’s Engineering Team

This particular 3D Revit modeling assignment presented a few challenges that the ICW team had to deal with:

  • The language barrier between the client and the dedicated ICW team was challenging at times and occasionally stalled the project progress.
  • Gaining consistent results in reproducing the model across all six stories was a difficult process.
  • Holistically viewing the design plans when approximately 40 GB of data needed to be sorted through was another time-consuming challenge.

ICW’s Customized Approach to this Scan to BIM Project

ICW’s objective was to successfully address challenges and complete this 3D Revit Modeling project to the client’s exact parameters and standards by utilizing the following approach:

  1. During an initial meeting between the client and ICW, project specifications were discussed, and a dedicated ICW team of two engineers and one Quality Control (QC) lead were assembled.
  2. The client sent over their input through FTP, which included the point cloud data of the building in Greece.
  3. ICW’s team began converting into 2D architectural and structural drawings, paying close attention to accuracy.
  4. Once completed, the 2D drawings were delivered to the client for approval and to ensure it met their quality expectations.
  5. The client promptly approved and sent feedback, and the ICW team proceed to develop the 3D drawings in Revit 2019.
  6. Final 3D drawings were delivered to the client within the requested two-week timeframe, and the project was completed and closed.

Project Benefits – Revit Model at 20% Cost Saving

The ICW team displayed perseverance throughout the project challenges and a timely observance of the unique parameters for this 3D Revit modeling assignment, leading to the following results:

  • The client enjoyed 20% cost savings and 50%-time savings while partnering with ICW.
  • ICW’s dedicated team received compliments from the client on their diligence during the project, and the quality benchmarks that were met.
  • The client promised to work with ICW again on a future project, and the assignment was concluded with mutual goodwill.

Note: References available on request

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