Revit Modeling with LOD 300 Detailing for Leading Architectural Engineering Firm

The Client - A Leading Architecture and Engineering Firm

This Switzerland-based client specializes in architecture, civil engineering, building services, and environmental planning. By integrating all the design disciplines related to planning and development of industrial, commercial, and residential real estate, this company acts as a single point of contact and general contractor for their clients.

With 20 years of experience in location studies, architecture, civil engineering, logistical planning, environmental engineering, and client representation, along with regular and ongoing staff training, this company can improve consistently and continuously add value to their clients’ projects.

Requirements for the Revit BIM Modeling Project

The client approached us because they needed a partner to whom they could outsource their Revit Building Information Modelling (BIM) task for a residential building project. Along with the Revit modeling for this project, their partner would also need to set the processes and comply to their international guidelines for modeling for this project.

Though the client’s primary requirement was BIM Revit modeling for the residential building project, we also covered the architectural, structural, and MEP aspects of this project, maintained LOD 300 level of detail, and took on the modeling and detailing of the project.

Challenges Faced by Our Engineering Team

Since this was the first time the client had ever enlisted the help of a Revit modeling BIM outsourcing partner, and they weren’t accustomed to working in a collaborative engineering environment, the main challenge throughout this project was assisting the client in setting up the processes.

Process Followed to Achieve LOD 300 Detailing

Our step-by-step process:

  1. After assisting the client with setting up the processes for the project, it was decided that the duration of the project would be three weeks, and a team consisting of four members would complete the project.
  2. We assisted the client in setting up BIM 360 for collaborative engineering so that they would be able to watch the project process unfold in real time. The client was also assisted in setting the standards for the project.
  3. We asked the client to provide the following to complete the Revit BIM modeling for the project:
    1. CAD files of the three-story residential building, including floor and elevation details of the approximately 15,000 square foot area.
    2. Color schemes.
    3. A list of materials to be used for immovable furniture items and insulated walls.
    4. Reference images for detailing.
  4. Once the CAD files and other information were received from the client, Revit 2017 software was used to create the modeling.
  5. The modeling was then imported into BIM 360 to give the client a more comprehensive view of the entire project.
  6. Visual detailing was added to the modeling according to the reference images provided by the client.
  7. The Revit floor plan sheets were then converted to AutoCAD format, and the final product was delivered to the client in PDF format.

Revit Modeling from the BIM Experts at IndiaCADworks

Because the client outlined their requirements and expectations clearly from the onset, our team was able to exceed their expectations regarding the support provided throughout the project. Not only did the client benefit regarding the project’s successful execution, but they were able to build a strong partnership in outsourcing their Revit BIM modeling.

Note: References available on request

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