LOD 200 Compliant REVIT Modeling for UK-Based Land and Building Surveyor

The Client - UK-Based Land and Building Surveyor

Based in the UK, our client has amassed over 30 years’ experience in providing land and building surveying services within the construction, architecture, and engineering sectors. The firm offers both on-site and remote survey work as well as utility tracing, clash detection, and movement monitoring.

Requirements for the Point Cloud to REVIT Modeling Project

The client required IndiaCADworks’ (ICW) assistance with the point cloud to REVIT modeling of an old textile mill. Their end goal was to rebuild the facility with a range of more efficient elements, which necessitated the creation of clear and transparent REVIT models to illustrate the envisioned development.

We received point cloud data of the industrial shed as well as all families and components adhering to the LOD 200 standard. Using the received data we completed the modeling of MEP, which included equipment, wiring, cable tresses, valves, and pumps - everything necessary to present the completely remodeled shed.

Challenges Faced By IndiaCADworks

The most challenging aspect of this project was the fact that the drawings were old. Our architectural engineering team dealt with drawings that had not been updated in several years, despite the fact that the equipment within the building had changed substantially over time. Additionally, the images were not 100% clear and a few details were missing, which we only discovered during the first round of client reviews. A number of additions were required, including several new images and Google Maps references.

REVIT Architectural Modeling Process Followed by Our Team

We assigned 6 resources to this task. The team consisted of 1 project manager, 1 BIM coordinator, and 4 drafters. Together, they came up with a time-saving, step-wise process to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

  • Point cloud data was received by our team through secure FTP.
  • We completed data validation processes to discover precisely the quality and type of information we would be working with.
  • Based on the information received and the projected deadline, we provided milestones which we further divided into zones.
  • To receive more detail, we decided to implement screen share during the modeling process.
  • The 3D model was completed in REVIT 2017 at LOD 200 detailing, as specified by the client.

Key Takeaways from the Project

Despite a few time-consuming hurdles, our team was still able to complete the project quickly and efficiently. Our ability to adapt to new information and additional requirements enabled us to remain within the parameters of the deadline, saving the client a fair amount of money.

We have impressed the client with our dedication and transparency, and fully expect to work on additional modeling projects in the future.

Note: References available on request

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