Top London-based Energy Management Solutions Firm Gets Accurate Revit Models from IndiaCADworks

Our Client – London-based Energy Management Solution Firm

The client is an energy management solutions firm based in London, U.K., who have situated themselves as an industry leader in providing safe, sustainable, efficient corporate services with a customer-centric business model. Striving to continuously innovate and grow beyond traditional methodologies, the client specializes in lean designs for district energy systems, hydraulics, energy center operation and maintenance, and communal heating systems. Their focus on BIM integrated technologies seamlessly integrates with architect models, positioning them as a top service provider amongst both public and private entities.

Requirements – 3D Modeling of Residential Apartments

The client secured a profitable contract requiring energy designs for a residential building block containing forty-one apartments that necessitated forty-one corresponding Revit MEP modeling. The client wanted to work with a highly experienced outsourcing agency who specialized in producing top quality CAD services at competitive prices.

The client discovered IndiaCADworks (ICW) online and contacted ICW with a lengthy set of questions and concerns, to which the ICW team quickly and courteously responded. After an initial consultation, the client contracted ICW’s services due to the following:

  • Ability to complete the forty-one Revit drawings and models within a 30-day deadline.
  • Utilization of the latest licensed, state of the art software and technologies that would help facilitate a secure, speedy, and high-quality outcome.
  • Ability to provide qualified engineers and drafters who have exhibited proven experience working on similar projects in the Utilities and Energy sector.

Challenges Faced by ICW’s 3D Modeling Team

ICW came across some challenges over the course of this detailed, 41 model Revit MEP project:

  • The client frequently contacted ICW with several new modification requests from their client, which significantly impacted the original design specifications.
  • Minor, but numerous, conflicts in the markups lead to a constant reworking of the models and further constraints on an already very brief project completion timeframe.

Approach to This Revit Modeling Project

Wanting to overcome the various challenges and provide a consistent, favorable outcome for the client, ICW crafted a personalized approach for the project:

  1. Following a comprehensive project brief with the client, ICW put together a dedicated team of five Drafters and one Quality Control (QC) lead to work exclusively on this assignment.
  2. ICW received the initial input of 3D architectural Revit models and markups on all of the mechanical and electrical grids and lines from the client through Dropbox.
  3. ICW’s BIM coordinator organized and reviewed the files prior to sending them to the dedicated operations team.
  4. Referring to the existing markups to the architectural Revit files, the ICW team began developing the Revit MEP model.
  5. The QC lead tested and reviewed the models before sending them over to the client for review and potential feedback.
  6. The team addressed the client suggested modifications and reworks in a timely manner and sent the final draft back to the client, where it received swift approval.

Exceptional Steps Taken by ICW to Meet Client Expectations

ICW devoted extra effort towards ensuring the project could be completed as seamlessly as possible:

  • With minimal assistance from the client, ICW was able to conclude the project successfully and under the required deadline.

Revit Model for 41 Apartments Delivered Within Agreed Timeline

ICW finished this mechanical and electrical based Revit model project ahead of scheduling and quality expectations, leading to the following outcomes:

  • Being pleased with the high quality, ahead of schedule project completion, the client praised ICW’s work ethic and commitment to excellence.
  • Due to the accuracy of ICW’s forty-one Revit models, the client was able to finish their own contract successfully.
  • ICW accepted another project from the client, with continued plans to work on other future assignments.

Note: References available on request

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